Monday, May 24, 2010

Family + Friends = My Sweet Heart! (^__^)

Salam all
For this post, I would like to bring you guys closer to my family...

Yeah, the family tree above enough to explain all about my family. No need photos, it’s too private. I’m sorry :(

Maybe, I can use the Newton’s second law of motion to equate my realtionship between my parents and I. Just take his equation only.

F = ma, when :

F = family,
m = my mum
a = my ‘ayah’,
and the equation must be in the domain (0,+infinity)


Yeah, I have three best friends. I love them. They understand me very well. Photos? Again, private..hehe.. They are :

(a)   Anas (computer geek, my opponent for sometimes)
(b)   Shakira(she loves baking!)
(c)    Ainul (ganas always J)

I must stick with you~

I heart you guys! Thanks for being with me, I love you, muah muah. Haha. (sorry for behaving flirtatiously) c(-:

I love spending my leisure time with my friends, especially my ex-schoolmates. We went to Port Dickson for a reunion recently. We laugh, we talk, we share, we care. J Everybody shared their experiences at their university, subjects, courses, and so on while BBQ’ing. 

OK! Enough for it. Because I don’t have many photos to be shared, so I decided to stop talking about it. Huhu.

When I meet a new person, I will describe myself clearly, behaving as what I am without being hypocrite. Well, everybody hates a hypocrite. So please don’t do so! Of course, we are being shy among each other, but when you get to know me well, you’ll be finding out that I’m  nice to be made as a friend. Especially to an amiable person, because I’m a loquacious person yew. Hehe. I talk a lot!

For me, I don’t judge my friends arbitrarily. I’m being friend with many people without taking into account about their background family, religion, position and rank. I HATE BEING RACIST. It’s a very bad attitude, judging people haphazardly. Consequently, it will lead to racial division. That’s too bad.

Standing out could be good or bad, it depends on the person itself. Some people being different/standing out because they want to brag about something. Yeah, I noticed it before. But some people, they stand out for making a difference about themselves. Right?

I have so many of friends, having different interests and hobbies. They could be categorised into :

(a) Photographic buff

(b) Kpop Lovers

 (c) Futsal Lover

Thanks for reading. :)

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