Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Sum up for all the Topics I've posted up.

Day 1 - Youth Today (About Youth and You)
Day 2 - Family & Friends
Day 3 - Ambition & Success
Day 4 - Work and Money
Day 5 - Going Online
Day 6 - Social Networking
Day 7 - Entertainment
Day 8 - List Down Your Favorites
Day 9 - Brands
Day 10 - 1Malaysia


At first, I never believe I am one of the chosen 50 ones out of thousands of Youths out. I hesitated to believe indeed. But I’d be grateful to be one of you guys and blog in my own thoughts and words.

It was a pleasure to speak out all my thoughts in a blog under the Real Voices 2 project by YouthSays under the supervision of Ronn Yeo regarding 10 different topics. Each topic have its specific question related to the topic given.

I sincerely appreciate the opportunity given to me to speak out all my hopes, my dreams, my habits, my thoughts, and who I am. I had took out a lot of my precious time to squeeze out all of the ideas out of my brain for each and every topic as I am having my Mid-Term examination.

I am very excited about the chance to blog with 49 other Youths with different culture, different races, different religions and different languages from every corner of Malaysia. Besides getting paid to blog, I gained a lot of experience by reading other blogger’s post about different topics which are way different from my thoughts. I knew make more friend and it definitely do benefits me in anyway.

I am really looking forward for an outing with you guys if possible. Once for all, Thank you for all and take care guys :) Special thanks to Ronn Yeo :)

Back in year 2007`

With love,
cK ;D

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