Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Careless Little Hamster & Her Social Network

What communication medium (SMS, Instant Messenger, Phone, Twitter, Facebook), do you and your friends use the most to communicate through and why? What are the positives and negatives of each?

Mostly friends and I would communicate and update each other using SMS, calls, Instant Messenger and Facebook.

Well, negative thing about using the phone is burning a hole in my parents’ pocket. Not that I spend a lot, but if you accumulate it, It’s really a lot. Good thing about it that people actually reply you fast. Like, real fast. :D

For instant messenger, nobody really replies me. Except a few that I usually talk to. Other than that, we only message each other when we coincidently need each other.

For Facebook, private issues are always exposed. Like, if I need something from another person. Writing on his/her wall will allow the whole wide world to read if he/she does not private their profile. Good thing is, I get to update myself with everyone. :D

Is social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter making your life better or worse?

Facebook applications take up a lot of my time. I stopped using Twitter now. Cause twitter lags and nothing there interests me. It makes my life better though. Facebook gives me extra information that I would never Google on. Things like cracking your knuckles does not actually hurt your bones or cause arthritis.

Please list the number of online social networking sites (Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, blog) which ones you are a member of and why you chose to have a profile/account on each of them?

Uhm… For now, about 5. And extra 2 but those are not active anymore which is Friendster and Myspace.

* My blog is to get some moolah, and to publish my photographs.
* Tumblr also is to publish my photographs and get inspiration from others.
* Facebook updates me on my friends.
* Youthsays connect me to people that think like me. HAHA.
* Nuffnang allows me to find great blogs, updates on recent competitions etc. Almost like youthsays. :D

How many Facebook/Friendster/MySpace/Twitter friends do you have? Who are these people? How many of these do you consider ‘close friends’? How many of them have you not meet before?

All together?? Probably average of 900 friends on Facebook. The rest, I’m not really sure. These are my family, friends, people who share the same interests, and strangers who has a lot of mutual friends with me. I consider about 30 or less are close friends. LOL! Probably about 300 I’ve not met. I don't know, I didn't count. Haha.

Do you prefer to meet people for the first time online or face-to-face? Why?

Face to face. Cause if I met him/her online, then… It’s gonna be really awkward to meet. I’m a little self conscious, you know. Besides, what if that fella cheats me? That wouldn’t be very nice..

Do you have Twitter? If yes, how many followers do you currently have? Who do you follow?

Currently I have followers. I follow my friends. I seldom use Twitter. Usually use twitter to announce youthsays campaigns and announce published posts on my tumblr. (:


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