Sunday, May 30, 2010

Entertaining Aileen


House, Leverage, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD). My must-watch AXN primetime series’.
House for his amazing wit and sarcasm, plus a wonderful in-sync cast. 

Leverage for its Casino Royale kind of espionage and the array of misfits who orchestrate Robin-Hood-like acts of charity. 

SYTYCD for the pure talent.

Pushing Daisies, watched online at
A show too brilliant for this lifetime, and the ABC network. Must watch for its exceptional dialogue and costume design.

Dr Who, from friends’ DVD set(s).
It’s a classic. What’s not to love?!

WORKING ON: How I Met Your Mother, FRIENDS, Glee
Disclaimer: Glee Season 2 gets weird. Plus, my connection has been screwing my viewing. Hopefully, misfortune avoids thee.


Most played on my iPod:

Together, by The New Pornographers. An instrumental extravaganza. Think Southern American hippie mix instrumental, meets rock. They’re Canadian btw. Found it while scouring the discerning album reviews on This site contains little snippets of each song in whatever album they’re reviewing. THE place to find something unusual. Bugged my friend, Su Yuen, from college, who has heard of them, and she Dropbox-ed it to me! (more on that later)

Of Men and Angels, by The Rocket Summer. The best one man band around; a one man band is basically music that is written and often (supposedly) produced by, you guessed it, one man. Or woman, I’m no sexist. My friend Julian has been flooding me with his geekiness and music since 2003. Many thanks. Also Dropbox-ed. (wait for itttt)

Chopin, The Greatest Hits. No elaboration here, it’s a classic. From Joshua dearest, through (you guessed it) Dropbox.

DROPBOX is a phenomenal file syncing program which, when installed into your PC, appears as a Dropbox Folder, and is basically just any old Windows Explorer folder. Only, once you choose to sync (share) a file with a friend who also has Dropbox, anything either of you drag and drop into that folder is immediately sync-ed! And I mean anything. It’s perks? Well, it’s REALLY fast, and your account allows you to access your array of files anywhere in the world, provided an internet connection is available. Check it out at


Mostly based on personal observation and taste, which is usually very simple and comfortable. If I feel like dressing up, I dress up. Vice versa applicable. At other times, it’s from friends. Can be a topic of discussion.


Ironman 2
Ip Man 2
Shrek 3
Toy Story 3

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