Saturday, May 29, 2010


My most favorite TV show is Oprah! I just love the talk shows. It's some sort off education in a way. :) I watched it on Hallmark channel. Thank goodness for Astro. :D I do lovee music and fashion. But I don't follow  fashion that much. I just make up my own. For music, I just listen to the radio or ask my friends for new songs. Hee.

I do download musics but I don't have any bands or singers that I'm into. I love their song but I don't worship them or something. It's just not my thing.

Books? I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Haha. I read them everyday. The last three books are about psychology, and photography. I don't remember the title.

The information about entertainment I always get from my friends. They're like my TV. Haha. I don't watch TV much so I just ask them or they tell me :)

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