Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Facebook syndrome

It’s taboo not to have Facebook. Fact. Everybody has Facebook. Fiction. 

But let’s face it, there aren’t many people, especially youth, that we know NOT having Facebook. It’s almost a sin. A couple of friends and I were huge skeptics of Facebook, but are now converts.  

There isn’t much you can’t do there, aside from video conferencing, which isn’t necessary, since messages get across relatively fast, and to a lot of people. Beats texting, which is more expensive in the long run these days, though it is at times the faster alternative, next to actually calling someone.  But even that is getting increasingly rare. My fixed line at home sometimes only registers my grandmother’s outgoing calls, which comes to about RM6, and the rest is the cost of renting a TM phone (though we don’t. It’s compulsory folks! FYI) and the Streamyx, set at RM 60 a month.

The Loser’s Guide to Facebook. Thing’s you can do:

1.       1. Write your Status. It will appear as [name] [whatever you choose to write here]. You may remove it at any time by running your cursor over your status, and a REMOVE button will appear on the far right. You may also post new statuses for as many times as you wish.

2.      2. Put a profile picture up! Very important, since if your name does not sound familiar to me, I usually look at your profile picture. If it’s something like Final Fantasy, or some picture other than yourself, be prepared to be ignored.

3.      3. Upload photos in an album. Tag your friends and family!

4.      4. People can leave a COMMENT on just about anything you choose to make public, and/or LIKE it. Thankfully, there’s no DISLIKE button, yet.  As such, I presume most would prefer to have people they actually have met before in their list, like me.

5.     5.  Ignore all your invites. Or most, or some of em, no one cares. Probably why I only have 369 friends instead of 129030. Quality above quantity!

6.      6. Play mindless Facebook games. Not applicable to Scrabble.

IM-ing is so yesterday! But nothing beats a good ol’ ‘one-on-one’ ‘conversation’ with an old friend.

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