Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The farm-me-leeee

Post 3. 3rd post of the day. I'm beginning to loose the spark of this blogging thing. Maybe i should leave the next post for tomorrow.

I’m going to tell you a story.
It’s a story of the Chans in Singapore
(just so you guys know. that's my surname. and no, in no way am i related to Jacky Chan )

So yeah ,the family decided to spend Christmas in Singapore.
(it was more of moms’ decision, but when the moma’s happy; everyone’s happy)

*random picture*
Some Japanese family.
PDA SIAO weiyh. Can’t even tell who’s the mom and who’s the daughter. Get a family suite! (okay, so my jokes haven’t gotten any better)

Let me introduce you to the family,

This is dad.

He claims that he was brought up in the China Town of Singapore. He ALSO claims to be brought up in Penang. Oh and KL and JB and…… oh, nvm.

While the family enjoys a good breakfast at the hotel (I shall provide proof)

Yeah so as the family enjoys their breakfast, dad would rather order his favourite mee goreng

His reason being:
“act Malaysian lah!”

This coming from a man who bitches about our government every time he gets the opportunity.

Why I love him?
He feeds me. NO LA. He never fails to bring joy to the family. And he helps me make friends. (no, I’m not some super sad kid who can’t make fri
ends herself)

This is mom.

Her hobbies are taking pictures of herself in the most obvious places; like in front of a coffee shop in a super busy shopping mall.

Other than my moms’ self-potrait abilities, she also loves destructing MY cam whoring pictures. *proof given

Her tactic is to come up with sudden movement just as the camera snaps a photo.
She also likes shouting out “AGGHH! SALE!!” when I take pictures of myself.

Why I love her?
She says things like

“waaah girl, when I saw pastor joseph prince ah, I tell you, I NEARLY FAINTED AH!!”

oh and

“wah look at that boy over there, so handsome. Go ask for his number”

This is the sister
Oh sorry. Wrong picture :P

Well, she just really sums up the family. She annoys the heck out of all of us. She tells us really lame jokes. She poses with me in pictures. She takes pictures of me. She makes us laugh.

Why do I love her?
Because the family would be incomplete without her. Simple.

So that’s the family.

Mom and dad may not be all lovey dovey.

(Another old Japanese couple. What Japan no place to date ah?)

In fact, we keep our distance from each other. Especially in lifts – just in case one of use farts.

We might like having our own spaces at times. Or at others we’re left alone.

But that doesn’t mean we love each other any less.

So that's my family.
And I *cough*... I ...... Looo. *cough*. ILOVETHEM.

(ps: If anyone of you is going to use the pictures and information to like blackmail my family or something. THAT'S SO NOT COOL!, and we're poor, so yeah. no point in black mailing)

Thanks a bunch for reading

With love,

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