Friday, May 21, 2010

here we go ! :)

let me intro myself to you readers of this blog :) .
im easterly from miri. im 18 now since my bday 18 april. ask me anything that u want to know :)

What’s the best thing about being youth today? Do you think the future is bright, for your generation or do you think the future is something to worry about?.

in my personal opinion , the best thing about being youth today is that we have the excitement to enjoy our youth. excitement is so powerful. its either can destroy or bulit us. it is we that decide whether it destroy or built us :) with our parents guidance, hopefully we will get through it. we have entertainments, technologys etc . we need to use it wisely or we will get into a big trouble ok..

the future can be bright or something that we should worry about. for the time being , its something that we should worry about. doesnt u think the same as me in this question? for example some girl at the same age as mine is married before they finish spm. even pregnant with no husband. sex before mariage is not a good idea. for fun? what fun? drugs is one of the main problems nowdays. even lower form students can get involved with drugs. where did they get the supply? who supply it to them? another main problems is smoking. smoking is obviously not good for our health. why does the population of smoking keep increasing each year? it does not only affect the smoker but the people surround them. .
thank god i have a conservative parents and always control me. i dont understand why they did this before but as i grew up, i get to understand their reasons for doing so :)

enviroment issue - everybody know what going on in this world. GLOBAL WARMING. the usual issue that we always discuss in the television, radio , schools. but do we take actions on what we should do to reduce the gobal warming? we always said car pooling is one of the best ways to reduce it. how many of malaysian citizen is willing to share their car with others? dont cut trees to reduce it. come to sarawak. have u ever seen bold man? some of the hills is like that without trees. no offence bold man out there. corruption? who knows. enough of that. or i will be investigate by the police for "mempengaruhi" or "menyebarkan fitnah" . hahahaha.

its a huge matter. if this things keeps going on with no actions from many , things will get worser than it is now. if we change and take actions together, then our future will be bright. if not, it will be dark. everything is up to us to decide. its in our hands. the decisions is ours to make.

p/s. sorry for this simple post w/o pictures etc. the broadband is so slow. i will try my best next time to include some picture and videos next time :) have a nice day world !

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