Wednesday, May 26, 2010


·         Is branded products important to you? What does brand represent to you?

Yes, I think they pretty much are. Brand for one represents quality. The next best thing is its signature style. When has a pair of Nike shoes looked bad? ;)
List down your favourite brands and tell us why do you like them

I love Sara Lee for ice creams, Pepperidge Farm cookies, Loreal , Estee Lauder and Elizabeth Arden cosmetics, Dell, Olympus and Nokia for tech gadgets. I like them because they're simply the best of the rest! As for the camera and things alike, let's just say I had a budget to abide by.

·         Are there any brands or products that you would be embarrassed of using or being associated with?
I loveeeee Nike, really. But the one bit that disappoints me is the fact that Nike uses child labor.

·         Does religion influence your choice of brands? If ‘yes’ explain your answer.

No, religion doesnt affect my choice of brands at all.

·         What/where do you find new information about products that you like?

I use the internet as my source for anything I want to find out. If information's insufficient, I would go the store.

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