Thursday, May 27, 2010

My online life, interview style.

Because my answers are so short, there's no point in putting this in any sort of paragraph.

·         How many hours do you go online everyday? What do you usually do in the online world?
 Let's see, half an hour in the morning, another half an hour in the afternoon, and about 4 after 9pm. So that makes it 5 hours a day I guess. 

What do you usually do in the online world?
Check my facebook account, play my turn at an ongoing Scrabble game between me and my cousin, and boyfriend. Mind you, it's the only game I will (as of now) be caught playing on Facebook. Facebook games in general are mindless time-wasters. Oh, I also chat with friends occasionally, check my email. 

·         When you go online and interact with other users, do you use any nickname/alias profiles online? Tell us why you use it or don’t use it.
FD  I use names that are easily remembered, by myself, of course. Like leenster. I once had an alias with my name spelt backwards. Neelia. Not very creative, I know, haha. Basically, using my real name makes me feel more track-a-ble and vulnerable to scams, and stuff.

·         Have you become good friends with people you first met online? Tell us stories of how you make friends in the online world. How do you know whether to trust them or not?
 No. There was this one time, I think I was 11 or 12, and social sites like Hi5 and Friendster was very cool then. I met this... man, on Hi5, and he added me on MSN, and I accepted. It was normal amiable conversation for a while, but at one point I noticed that he had a funny dp. Now that I think about it, I think it was his penis. Needless to say, I've stopped using Hi5. And Friendster.

Even on Facebook, I only accept people I know personally. Sometimes when I don't feel close enough to them, I will 'Ignore' their invite as well. Depending on my mood that day.

·         Tell us if your parents monitor what you access online? Is it effective, or do you know ways around the controls? What do your parents think about you going online all the time?         
     My parents do not monitor me online. I do check for past year papers and their mark schemes online, and they know I catch some episodes of shows. And I've never had the urge to go to immoral websites and stuff, so that's cool.

·         Do you think the online world has made you to become more disconnected with your friends?
     No. My ex-schoolmates from secondary school and I have an immediate way of jesting and communicating with each other now, even though we can barely make time personally to go out. Birthdays are always an exception though.

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