Wednesday, May 19, 2010

À propos de la famille et des amis

The title translates to "About the family and friends". So I'll be speaking about that. There's nothing particularly exciting where my family and friends are concerned... it's just that I manage to attract people. I don't know how this happens, but I praise the Lord. Anyway. Read on.

My family... well, my family... *breaks down in tears*

There are only two people left in my immediate family - my dad and me. Well, yeah, sometimes (when I say that, I mean occasionally), we do spend time together. But for the most part, he's occupied in his thing, I'm occupied in my thing... Yet, despite all this, I secretly harbour thoughts of making him really proud of me one day, even though he's bound not to accept my field of choice.*

As for friends... I used to have a few, but of late I've been attracting quite a lot. I don't know why I'm being looked up to by them - I guess it's something they see in me that I don't see in myself. Well, for privacy reasons, I'm neither going to disclose their names nor add images - they actually ordered me not to, beat that !

What we do together depends on the place they're from. My old schoolmates and I have sleepovers from time to time (yes, we're girls. We still do), and I often jump at the opportunity. Whenever I hang out with my close college mates, we find a place where we can all gather and makan to our heart's content - either Shiok ! at YMCA, or KL Sentral, or any such place. And since I also have best friends online... my online friends and I do fandubs and small projects together.

I don't usually describe myself to my friends ; I expect them to find out for themselves, as I reveal bits and pieces about myself over time. Only on Kingdom Hearts Francophone Wiki I described myself as "easily worried for the fact that I don't write as well as others, a perfectionist, very sentimental", even easily angered... because almost everyone there knows me. :P

Identity is important to us - it's part of who we are. I remember one of my best friends and I calling ourselves "plastic zombies" - simply because we take ourselves as tough, and we're not afraid of anyone else. I truly love the phrase she used to identify us - "plastic zombies". Anyone who becomes my friend sees the need to stand out and be different. Not sure if it's by choice or something else, but I definitely dare to be different.

Religion affects my choice of friends to a certain extent. Yes, I've no qualms about making friends of different backgrounds, and some of them are my best friends ! Yet, I still need a circle of friends in the Catholic faith - because I know that I can take a leaf from their books where faith life is concerned, and whenever I'm going through crises of faith, I know that they can pick me up and help me to see things clearly again.

As friends, we hardly ever categorise each other. No one has a particular look... All of us are united for something common. In college it's the subject of law. Online, it's Kingdom Hearts. In National Service, it's... well... National Service. Yes, there are some of us who have distinct tastes (I remember a few who were verging towards being skinheads and punks in National Service), but since each of us is substantially different, we can't find a way to categorise ourselves.

So, there you go. Expect to hear more from me this evening.

Alright then. À la prochaine !


* I'll be explaining this in the next post.

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