Saturday, May 29, 2010

I want keropok lekor ah

Salam and heyya peeps!

According to Wikipedia, The 1Malaysia campaign has been going on since September 16, 2008.

Okay... 1Malaysia... Its just another political campaign to me. Back when Tun Mahathir was the PM, there was WAWASAN 2020. Pak lah's turn, ISLAM HADHARI? Now, its Najib's turn, 1MALAYSIA.

Since its a new campaign, a new approach from the new government, obviously people are excited la kan. But I know it won't last long, I think.

Besides, we have always been a 1MALAYSIA before this. Its just that we don't publicized it as much as we do it today. Kan? Since Tunku Abdul Rahman shouted "Merdeka!", our country has always been the multi-racial Tanah Melayu. To be fair to the other races, we've even changed our name from Tanah Melayu to Malaysia.

1Malaysia ain't a bad thing and it's not a good thing either. For me, let's just say that the campaign brings no good to me.

My vision for Malaysia in the next five years are quite vague. I mean, I don't trust our government that much when it comes to making the right decisions but with the current state going on, I think we'd be just fine in the future, God willing.

In the next five years, I hope Malaysia will develop rapidly and stay in the same level as other 'BIG' countries.
In the next five years, I hope the education system will grow better and more efficient.
In the next five years, I hope there won't be poverty amongst us Malaysians.
In the next five years, I hope that we'll have a more stable government.
In the next five years, I want be like Japan and Korea when it comes to TECHNOLOGY!

There are a lot of things that I want our Malaysia to be in the next five years. To achieve all those things, we have to work hard and work together. We will achieve what we want and more, God willing.

I'm raised to have friends from different races. My parents taught us not be racism towards others because we're not living here alone. But there are times where you know, we'd argue about our beliefs and cultures. Even if we live together, you can't hide from the fact that there would be fights and quarrels amongst races. For me, what kept all of us together is the education. From education, it'll develop to other things.

Since we're a multi-racial *I was just about to type company, heh, my bet*, multi-racial country, people around the world see our Malaysia as a world with unity. With all the races, we unite as one to form a peaceful country, MALAYSIA! Oh, lupa, we're good at sports as well and our education system is the BOMB yaw!

In the end, no matter how much you hate your country because of the political system or because we're lacking of tech gadgets, you will always be a Malaysian. And I'm proud to say, I AM A MALAYSIAN!

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