Sunday, May 30, 2010

Social Networking and why I hate them.

Social networking in my opinion is just an excuse to stay home and avoid any serious confrontations that might happen when interacting with other humans face to face.

I can’t really say that social networking is bad. Without a doubt, it is extremely convenient if you want to chat with a friend late at night without seeing each other. But if you use it even when your friend is just sitting beside you, then it would become unhealthy. Social networking helps you reach many people within a short time frame, but with that comes many cons too. For example, one could ruin someone’s public image with just a click of a mouse and rumors could be spread easily.

I do have accounts in some social networking sites, but that doesn’t mean I like them. I have an account in Twitter, but I don’t see the point in telling people what I’m doing every second, and I don’t see how anyone could get addicted to doing it either. Needless to say, I rarely update it. I joined because I was curious as to why so many people love it. Thought it was something you have to do to understand. I have about 40 followers? Don’t laugh please, I know that’s pathetic.

I also have an account in Facebook, but that is purely to update people about blogshop’s status. The games they provide are just like the ones we play when we were 5 or 6 years old, but turns out repetitive mouse clicking is extremely addictive to some.

If I were to communicate, I’d definitely choose email and phone. Email – because everyone has it. I mean, you would need an email account to have a social networking account right? And so many people out there have social networking accounts, which means a lot of people have email accounts. So it is convenient and unlike twitter, I could write a novel of an email and send it over.

Phone – Get straight to the point. I just need to call to inform someone of something. Prefer this over email.

But I don’t like to use SMS. Because of human’s nature to not reply when something important is sent. How would I know if the sms was sent or if my friend did not read it?

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