Friday, May 21, 2010


entertain me, entertain you.
i watch pretty much anything there is on tv. house, man vs food, the oprah winfrey show, desperate housewives and the list goes on and on. im a tv junkie even more now that im on a 3 month holiday. i rarely watch videos on youtube since sometimes my internet could be so slow. i hate waiting for videos to buffer.

music and fashion, they always come together. they are also something to love. i like cutting and putting up pictures of something that i find nice, to my liking on the inside of my wardrobe door. mostly i update myself by reading magazines, going window shopping, watching fashion related tv shows and browsing e-shops. that way i'd know what's in and what's out. it's good to keep myself updated but i certainly am not a follower. i wear what seems to look nice to my eyes and makes me feel comfortable.

most of the music i listen to is introduced by friends, friends' of friends, discovered in newspaper and magazine. my friends would sometimes get me cds of my favourite singer/band. i'd usually download the whole album of pretty much every band/singer that i know. so in my leisure time i'd listen to one after another and then decide what's worth listening and what's not.

im into pretty much much bands and singers right now, but if i were to recommend something worth listening it'd most probably something by taking back sunday(louder now 2006 album), the bird and the bees(ray guns are not just the future 2009 album), she & him(volume two 2010 album), the king blues(save the world get the girl 2008 album). why you should listen to them? simply saying, every each of them are just awesome. they totally rock my socks off.

books are a must have. they fill the unnecessary time wasted when im at a train station, waiting for the super slow commuter to arrive. but that certainly isnt the only time i do my reading. i used to rent books somewhere in subang, i cant remember when. the last few months i got too caught up with exams and assignment i didnt get to read much non-class related books.

my last three books would be dear john(author nicholas sparks), mistakes in the background(author laura dockrill) and totto chan(author tetsuko kuroyanagi). i didnt have enough money to buy a book at the time, so i read dear john on the floor of MPH. sadly i only managed to read until page .. 75 if im not mistaken. for the other two, i've had them for 2 or 3 years already. i've read it but, i am still reading it over and over again. it never failed to made me laugh each time i read it, as if they were new books i just started reading.

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