Friday, May 21, 2010


'SATU MALAYSIA' . Do you think its really happening ? To me, i dont think so. No offence to other races but I can still see the obvious 'RACISM' happening in our country! How can we proudly say 1Malaysia ?! My vision in next 5 years is to see ALL RACES LIVE IN HARMONY TOGETHER & NO RACISM SHOULD BE HAPPENING !

I would definitely think of MY COUNTRY ,MALAYSIA FIRST !Without this country where can i find multiple races living together ?Without Malaysia who am i ? Without Malaysia where would I be ? TENSION between races ? I don't think its all the time but maybe a couple of times/ for only certain issues. Problems cant be avoided when different races of different mind sets living together ...

Typical Malaysian Stereotype ?
Hmmm...I think people from all over the world would think MALAYSIA is a country with many races & beliefs. As for the country i think they would compare our cleanliness with SINGAPORE (obviously ours is the dirty one) SADLY. For typical stereotype , i would say... i've heard foreigners mentioned before that they thought MALAYSIA IS ' MALAY - ASIA' where only malay people live ! I lauged like mad when i heard that! LOL ! In the future, i would want people to view MALAYSIA as a HARMONY COUNTRY WITH MANY DIFFERENT RACES LIVING TOGETHER & TO ENVY OUR COUNTRY(Hopefully in the futute MALAYSIA would be ONE OF THE CLEANEST COUNTRY) *I doubt* HAHAH... 

Ok, i was just expressing what i think is true ,alright ? No offence to anyone/any party ! As this is my last post I WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS MY BIGGEST GRATITUDE TO YOUTHSAYS for organizing this wonderful project & which has given me a great chance to express myself online .This has also given me the chance to brainstorm myself & also share my thoughts with the rest of the 'ONLINE-ERSS' like me ! :D Till here ! Hope to have a chance to blog again for YOUTSAYS ! Think you'll MISS ME ?? No worries ! You can always log on to & follow my blog ! :D TOODLESSSS!! It was nice reading the other bloggers blog too ! 


  1. i never knew there was a 1 malaysia song. honestly.

  2. If you called the Maxis helpline, you can hear it too!