Friday, May 21, 2010

family and friends :D what we need to live. hoho

Tell us about your family structure and members. Tell us stories about your time spent with family. Bring us to become part of your family.

theres alot more that i want to share with you about my family. but i will make it short cause im quite bz rite now. hahaha. i have driving class later. so i'll upload few photos of my family here like what i have promise before :)

this is few photos from my family vacation to dubai. gosh.
the photos took a very lon time to upload :|

look at our hair. messy right?? hahaha! its bcause of the wind :D

picnic with few of our philipines friends at where i forgot. :D sorry guys. heheh.

this is my sister. she's 2 years older than me.

everywhere we go, if we only go with my mom(without my dad) ... defenitely we will get lost somewhere :D hahaha. for sure.

[continue.. gtg :) ] sorry for the delayed

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