Friday, May 21, 2010

Salam and good morning!

Hah. I'm not working today as my boss cakap, "Oh, tmrw tak payah datang la." :/ Yeah, my boss memang mcm tuh. She'll ask me to come when there's kerja only. But best jgk, boleh chill kat rumah. :D

Mumm-Ra's She's Got You High

Yeah, I'm currently working as a PA/babysitter/driver while waiting for my Degree intake in July. :) It has been 2 months since I started working there. Good pay I have to say... $$$ MUAHAHAHA!

I'm like this, you know, mata duitan, because my parents ni jenis yang, IF-YOU-WANT-MONEY-YOU-HAVE-TO-EARN-FOR-IT type of people. Jyeah... *rolling eyes* Tell me about it. If I want extra $$$, I have to work for it. When I was a kid, I used to work at my mom's office during the holidays. Now, I have to find work myself, malas...

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Perhaps, that's why I think money is very important for me. I mean, since my parents wants me to be independent and all, I don't have much money to spend, unless if they give me extra cash la. But usually, they don't. They will give cukup-cukup. In order to survive, I have to plan out my spendings. Yes, I will list down what to buy and how much I have to use and all. :D

Even if money is important for me to survive in this materialistic world, I think money is a very dirty thing. Other than being passed around, money can make people fight with each other. Money is used for a lot of bad bad things, bribery, threats, jealousy and all. Ergh! In the end, $$$ is the one thing that will make us happy. Ntah la. I hate talking about money.

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Since our country's economics aren't going strong, to me, I feel as if my generation needs to work harder than the generation before us to survive. Having a good working ethics and being a hardworking person may put you in a high position in the future. To me, if you do things sincerely and with the right ways, you'll be just fine.

Kings of Leon's Sex on Fire

Our country's economy condition will always give a big impact to us. Its like we're tied to it. If it goes down, we'll go down as well.

Justin Bieber's Baby

Since the economy condition is not a certain thing and we can't depend on it too much, it made me think of what's the best thing for me to do in the future, which sector won't have a big effect if the economy's going down? What are the chances of me to have a good life? You know, all those things are important.

John Mayer's Waiting on The World to Change

The coolest jobs ever!
  1. A travel writer! Oh crap, we can travel around the world and the company pays for your expenses, how cool can that be! :D
  2. Ice cream taster. WOAH! And get to taste all those new ice creams, HEAVEN!
  3. Food critics... I don't have to pay for the food that I had. WAHAHAHA!
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The worst jobs ever...
  1. Bikini waxer. OMG! I don't want to see all those things... Yulks...
  2. Garbage collector. I don't think I can stand the smell.
  3. Sitting models. Do I have to sit all day long?
Coldplay's Yellow

This is enough!

p/s: My dad's turning 40 tomorrow! :D

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  1. Very interesting that you mentioned sitting models. Being any kind of art model is hard, and not just because it's physically demanding.

    It's especially awkward when you draw a nude model in class one day and see the person around campus the next...who turns out to be a fellow student you then keep bumping into. >.<