Tuesday, May 18, 2010

#1 Youth Today

(please note the bimbo-ness hehe )

HI! My name is Siti Aisyah bt Mohd Pahmi. I am sixteen, living in Wangsa Maju, KL. I go to SMK Seksyen 5 Wangsa Maju. My birthday is on the 3rd of May and I was born in Kemaman, Terengganu. I am currently listening to Sum 41's 'With Me', in the midst of my mid-year examination and extremely exhausted but I somehow feel excited to write this first post!

The best thing about being youth today is well ..... um ...... I'm not quite sure.
Well to get started there isn't A best 'thing' , there are loads of great things about being youth of today. As for me, one of the best things is having enough freedom. For an example, I am only sixteen and yet I am allowed to go out with friends and my boyfriend without my parents making a lot of hassle out of it, unlike most of my friends' parents hehehe. I too, have the freedom of making my own decisions in life.
Next is of course, technology! I bet most youngsters today can't survive a week without going online(me included).
Living today has a lot of privileges I can't even list them out one by one. I mean, look around us, all these facilities from shopping to sports, school to games to technology ; where did all these things come from?!
The future ; the unknown. It can be the scariest place to think of but it also might be a fantasy. In Islam, we have a thing about believing in Qada' and Qadar. It is stated that our whole life has been planned out by Allah but but BUT we have the power to change our future.
For me, no, the future isn't something to worry about. Like I said earlier, our generation is blessed in so many ways.

Youth are rebellious in nature? YES! And NO!
Well some are and some aren't. I haven't gone through life that much yet but I have seen rebels and non-rebels. They both exist. I guess it depends on that person himself ; how they are brought up, their background, surroundings etcetera etcetera. And oh yes, hormones! It affects a whole lot in a teenager's personality as hormones are changing at rapid rates.
And um no, I don't think I have ever rebelled in such an overly manner before. And to me, rebelling is just another way to cry for attention heh heh.

Youth today have an easier life compared to our parent's generation.
I don't agree entirely. Yes, as time passes by, things get a lot easier. But back then, life wasn't this complicated.

My biggest fear would be Allah SWT and the life hereafter.

What makes me happy?
My goodness this list would be never ending!!
I won't state all the obvious ones, family friends boyfriend car rat pencil box yadayadayada. On thing that I can state right not is ; I am happy when I get to see a change from bad to good in someone. And I get happier when I am a part of the change :)

The most difficult hurdle I've gone through is well, going through these days of teenage years. It's the time for me to learn so much more about life. And the experience is priceless.

Which is more important, family or friends?
Of course family is more important! Mereka lah darah dagingku. But friends come just right after :)
Choosing between family and friends. I have to say I haven't faced anything involving choosing either one of them ; none that are major.


For one, I like to eat brown sugar :D

Two, this is my boyfriend. I am actually thinking of whether or not to erase this part but then again, he's a huge part of a lot of things :)

Three, I play a bit of basketball.

Four, I bake :)

Five, I have a blogshop! duaspade.blogspot.com :)

I guess it's not the time for me to be that bitch yet. But the time WILL come I assure you :P Since this is a first post and much of an introduction, I will keep it very external.

Loads of thanks to YouthSay
and YOU for reading! :)

Aisyah Pahmi.

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