Monday, May 31, 2010


I think 1Malaysia gave people many opportunity to learn and share each others cultures as they're unique. I like it because it gives a bond with each other. I also love the fact that Malaysia have lots of different cultures and I can learn about them without worrying anyone will be mad. I'm happy I get to live here. My vision for Malaysia in the next 5 years is that Malaysia will be known as a peace-loving country that has many races, religions and cultures.

I think the various races in this country makes this country very unique. As a Malay, I do think of my race but I usually think of what I can do to this country so that everyone is treated equally. I do think there is some tension between various races in this country and I do think its kind of sad. We should live in peace as this is our country. We wouldn't want anyone to invade it right? We should learn more of each other and learn to respect others.

I think people from all of the world respect Malaysia as we can live harmony even with various races. I would want people to view Malaysia as a harmony country with various races and religion and is ahead of other country economically, and have high technology. :)

PS : It's the end of my post. Thank you for reading and thank you YouthSays for inviting :). Let's all pray for Malaysians abroad and for Palestins. Hope they're safe. Amin.

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