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#2 Family and Friends ; Aisyah Pahmi

Them are ze parents! :d

My dad is now 50 and working in the agricultural filed which he loooves and we do too because we oh-so-often get free tomatoes and papayas!
My mum is 47 and is a housewife. She is the tiniest in the family haha. I'm taller even though I call myself a dwarf T.T

l-r : Hajar(Angah), Hakeem, me and Sarah(Kaklong).

Aaaand this is Hadi.

My eldest sister Sarah, is married and is living in Perth with her husband. The second sister Hajar is studying bio-technology in Brisbane, also in Australia while my eldest brother Hadi is in Moscow taking up aviation engineering but then switched to aerospace. And the other brother, Hakeem is studying mechanical engineering in KLIUC.

They are the four trios, the four amigos and so on. I came a bit later, the age gap was 4 years and so, I am often kicked out and abandoned. boohoooo :'( I was the toy, I was always picked on.
But later on as I grew bigger and less annoying (as what THEY said), I somehow was a part of them. It's quite an emotional thought for me. heh heh.

And these are probably some of the most annoying people
I've ever met.
They are my younger brothers.
l-r : Umar, Iman, Muhammad and me.

Some days I swear I want to slap them as hard as I can and I would feel that I would never want to see them again (okay this is REALLY exaggerating). But the house is just empty and cold without them.

All of us were born in Terengganu (except for them 3 younger ones) and all of us are deeply, madly in love with Terengganu. The beach, the surrounding and serenity. Aaah there's no other place like it.

And this is my dad's side family photo.
Dad and Mum ; the second pair from left :)
My entire family wouldn't fit a picture. Too many of 'em!

So if you guys had gone nuts to count my family members, there are actually 10 of us. I am the fifth and last daughter. And I would be nuts to upload even more photos than there already are because that would that forevaaahhhh *echoes*

Best friends are these people down here. And also Nadiah!(I just don't have a picture of her :S)

l-r : Khadijah/Kat (pronounced as cat),Syaza and Chay Fhei.

l-r : Syaza and Hazirah.

These people are the ones that are really close to me ; especially Syaza. I met them through my years in high school and we are yes, in the same school.
We've gone through loads of ups and downs and that's what makes us even more amazing hehe.

This is Syahira.

We have been best friends since 9 years old. And that was when I lived in TTDI. Now, we still contact each other and meet up at least once a year. It won't be as hard as soon as I get my driver's license. hehe

l-r : Ervin, Syaza, Leon and Darrell.

This was on out last day of PMR, last year. These people just bright up my day ;)

How I describe myself when meeting new people.
I think this question is a bit weird because um ... I just don't randomly tell the person whom I just met what kind of a person I am. haha
But to answer the question, I would say : You'll have to find out ;)

Is identity important to me and my friends?
Yes, it is. It has its advantages but we are not to be WELL-known. Our circle is, if I may say, one of the most active groups in our batch in school. We do good in studies, participate in sports and we are the committees of our school's mini company which is the Young Entrepreneurs program (YE) and so it is very important for us to network.
Standing out and being different is maybe not that all important. We don't feel the necessity to prove to people that we are so, WHOA! We try to be as best as we can :)

Does religion affect to my choices of friends?
Yes, in ways of the person's behaviour and attitude. Maksud saya disini adalah bahawa saya memilih kawan berdasarkan akhlak mereka :)
Different religious beliefs is a no problem to any of us, never has never will. As you can see in the pictures, I have included three of our close Chinese friends and they are so different in so many ways. One is a Buddhist and the other two are Christians. And we have lots more different race and religion friends.


How we categorize people.
One word, ew. Categorizing is just so ....... I don't know what's the word for it but we really don't do that.

So that's all for the second post! Till then :)

Aisyah Pahmi.

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