Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Family and friends.

family <33
I'm the first born of my parents. But I'm considered the second child as they adopted my big sister - she's my cousin actually. They adopted her from my aunt from my dad's side. Now aged 18 y/o. I have a younger brother and sister age 7 and 9. Weekdays, we spent less time with each other as our schedule are fully packed. Me with activities in school, dad with his work, and  mum with my younger siblings. We spent time together when weekends appear. :) we went for a jog morning or in the evening, we watch tv together. Sometimes, we also watch movies. I lovee movies :D.

Best friends? I have a lot of best friends. I can't choose as some people might get hurt. It's enough to say that I care about all of them :) . We love to spend our holidays with chit chat, hanging out, went shopping plus gossiping ;)) . We enjoy taking crazy photos too. They're crazy about pictures. :P Some enjoy dancing like I do.

close friends <33

When meeting new people, I will first observe them. haha. Well, I'm kinda friendly when meeting new people but I won't talk if I'm not in the right mood. I'm clumsy and I think new people will think I'm weird.

Traditional Dance: Sumazau <3

classmates <3

Identity isn't important. I don't care what a person's wearing if they wanna be my friend. As long as they respect me, my family, and my friends and has a fine attitude then its cool. Anyone can be my friend. Standing out isn't important for me - but some of my friends care about it. Well , its their opinion. I respect that.

I don't choose friends from their religion. I have friends from all sorts of religion. The only thing I do care is respect. :) they respect me and I'll respect them - it really is that simple.

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