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The post should've been in my actual blog by now, but since it's been dated some six months ago, I'll probably upload it there later.

As promised, here's my (current) full list of dreams, and I might be adding more when the time comes.

I hope...
  1. To be a good person and a good Christian. The thing is that we notice that there aren't many truly good people around.
  2. To sing.
  3. To obtain first-class honours for LLB*.
  4. To make Bravo Company win oh, I did that already.
  5. Become the Best Trainee in Camp Miri, Sungai Rait I did that already.
  6. To penetrate the francophone market with my songs. By saying that, I mean that I'm going to create songs for a French-sepaking Speaking. Speaking. I meant speaking. French-speaking audience.
  7. To open a production house, which I hope to name La Maison TNE.
  8. To transform my National Service journal and subsequent episodes into novels, games and musicals.
  9. To pass the last level of French exams. I'm yet to do it.
  10. To take part in the Fête de la Musique*.
  11. To have a personal laptop.
  12. To record my proper covers and/or songs and diffuse them at will. I've just begun with the content in this post.
  13. To unite my family.
  14. To move the audience who is listening to my music/my voice.
  15. To read and appreciate the Bible from cover to cover.
  16. To give the people around me a reason to believe.
  17. To play every single Kingdom Hearts title in the market.
  18. To acquire the French versions of the Kingdom Hearts games.
  19. To become a Wikia bureaucrat I am, for two wikis.
  20. To pay a visit to my friends in France, to visit that place entirely and to live as one of them... even if it's for a short time.
  21. To visit the place my ancestors came from - Punjab.
  22. To be a voice actor for a main character (be it for my own productions or another company's productions).
  23. To play the guitar, drums and bass well. Right now, I practise on the drums from time to time, and... I've got a long way to go.
  24. To create a percussion ensemble, even if it's one among friends.
  25. To visit every country in the world.
  26. To visit the Holy Land.
  27. To meet the Pope face to face. Now, I know there is much criticism hurled towards us, and especially towards the leader of the Church. But I don't care - it would be uplifting to address the issues which ordinary believers face, and ask him how it's like being the shepherd of an entire big group of people.
  28. To learn Japanese !
  29. To use a weapon no, wait, I've already done that in National Service. I used an M16 and scored zero marks in target practice. -__-
  30. To own a Keyblade, and it must be an exact replica of the one in Kingdom Hearts. My personal choices would be the Kingdom Key, Oathkeeper, Two Become One and/or Fatal Crest.
  31. To have a Kingdom Hearts styled party complete with sea-salt ice cream and KH-related games. I'll create those on my own, by the way.
  32. To write songs and/or background music.
  33. And, obviously, to earn accolades for my work. Don't we all want accolades ?
  34. To have a church wedding, French style, with hints of Indian influence (now why am I thinking about this ? I know I'm dreaming big ^_^ But it's definitely not the time for marriage yet.)
  35. To be loved and accepted for who I am. Now some of you might turn around and say that there are people who love and accept me for who I am. I know God loves me. But where the people are concerned, there are very few who cherish me - I am aware of this - and it is every person's hope and wish to be accepted and loved for who he is.
  36. To find a loving and kind husband. That's every girl's dream. ^_^
  37. To cook well. I can prepare some quick decent meals, but beyond that, no.
  38. To write a recipe book - preferrably for deserts.
  39. To have some experience working in the United Nations or any one of the bodies governed by it, and to have experience working abroad.
  40. To sing alongside Mylène Farmer, Zazie, Alizée, Axel Bauer and Pascal Obispo. Now THAT'S dreaming big.
  41. To sing alongside Enya, Dolly Parton, ze great Archuleta, Taylor Swift (she needs a backup) and Vanessa Amorosi.
  42. To teach English to children, just like my mom did.
  43. To buy or acquire a pair of signed Vic Firth drumsticks. Mom had hoped to get them for me when she first saw me playing the drums... but she died before she could get them for me. Till now I'm still waiting for someone to fulfill that promise she made to me, still hoping, although I doubt that anyone would even care.
  44. To teach French to a close friend.
  45. To have a personal online domain.
  46. To write really good French lyrics like Zazie.
  47. To highlight my hair.... ? Maybe that's a bit too much. ^_^'
  48. To have a comfortable house that's safe from all harm.
  49. To be an official sheet music writer/song arranger for a choir, preferrably one at national and/or international level.
  50. To make short videos from my sketches. I'm far from reaching that dream, but I know I'll get it too. I've started with this video.
  51. To play the drums really good... and (I know this sounds outlandish, but) to get into the Hall of Fame.
  52. To use my past sketches as album covers, book covers and/or site/promotion designs. I hope I get to realise my main aspirations of singing and producing first...
  53. To ice a cake. Professionally.
  54. To make my own dessert, whatever it may be.
  55. To write really good contracts. Now, really good contracts in my opinion shouldn't have small print and shouldn't be worded in legal terms unless it's really necessary. It should have font size 12, be worded in plain and simple English, so simple that the last term should read, "And if the promissee did not understand all the terms above, then the promissor declares him to be a monkey's uncle."
  56. To maintain a weight of 58kg.
  57. To use Photoshop or a similar software well no, wait, I'm already using GIMP, and considering the works I've done within two months of GIMP use, I'm quite satisfied.
Projects I would love to realise - these are the proposed names and purposes of the projects. Many All of them are musical projects.

  1. Rêver (lit. "To dream") - An idea of a concert, with lots of indie musicians and big names, all on one stage, to promote respect among all people in Malaysia. It has to end with one climactic finale... a sort of vigil for peace and harmony.
  2. Patriotism and Gift-Giving - The idea is exactly what it implies : patriotic songs made better. Seriously. Look at my post #3 and you'll notice that I've changed Jalur Gemilang here and there. The original recordings sound so.... ughhhhh ! And they don't move people to tears. I know just what to do... only that I'll need resources and people.
  3. Charité (lit. "Charity") : A Christmas Album - Christmas carols made better. I'm hoping for 100% of the proceeds to go to an organisation for the poor and deprived.
  4. We Are All Children - Another musical project, with lots of indie musicians and big names, but this time, to promote world peace. Or, it can even be a small-scale production. As long as it promotes peace and the value of humanity.
  5. Jeanne d'Arc : a musical - the title says it all. I'm intrigued by Joan of Arc, and the wonders worked through her hands. To put the entire story of birth, childhood, adolescence, mission and death in a musical... now that's something which I yearn to realise.
Right. This is the current list of aspirations I have. Now that I've written it all, I place it all in His hands with the hopes of realising them one day. I know the journey ahead is difficult, but if I don't realise them, then there's practically no point in living.


LLB = Legum Baccalaureus, or Bachelor of Laws.

Fête de la Musique literally translates to Music Festival, and it corresponds to World Music Day on the 21st of June. KL and Penang, being the only two places with Alliances Françaises, are the only states that observe it. Performances by newbies and seasoned performers alike can be seen on that day, out in the open, and it's a day where everyone gets to appreciate the joy of music - without cost !

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