Wednesday, May 19, 2010


victory is in our hands jyeah !
to me anyone who tried doing something, who rises after a fall, who never gives up is successful. take the guy who did the light thing, what's his name again? i cant remember. nevermind that. the thing is he did a 1000 experiment before he actually succeeded right? dont you dare call him a loser if he didnt make it, the light i mean. he might not make things work but to me the much effort he put into it already put him in the successful people category(if things doesnt work out). but good thing he succeeded eh or else we'd survive night time using candles and well, oil lamps only.

so far, i've succeeded in making the perfect, ideal lemon tea? with the right proportion of lemon and tea and sugar, all will turn out good. belieeeeeve me. :D im not exactly good at cooking. i am always burning down the kitchen, well not exactly. just the wok and kettle, it happened even before i could start cooking. haha. thinking of it, it is funny. i might be an engineer to be but seriously saying i want to follow my mum's footstep. at least to know the simple cooking is enough for me to actually feed decent food to my future husband and kids lah. haha. i wouldnt want them to eat timun everyday, that would be inappropriate. my mum she's the role model, she's a great cook, and so is my other too older sisters. i guess my best achievement in cooking would be .. cooking spaghetti. with a few help from the experts of course :p

goals and ambitions
i've never made a short term or long term life planning. but recently someone inspired me to actually make one. hihi. you know who you are and i know you hate me saying the hihi that's why im repeating it again and again here. ok back to business, here's the plan. the main 3 goals : get a good job, get married, have an ice cream company.

hopefully everything worked as planned, InsyaAllah.

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