Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i usually get the "WHAAAAT?" look from people when i tell them about my family. they are all so shocked to know the i've got 7 siblings. they'd say things like "WHOA SO MANY LA." well people, 7 is not that many lah. to explain one by one about everyone would make this a lengthy post, so i'll try to make it brief.

dad work as engineer. he's a quiet man. he only speaks when needed but once he joke around he'll crack you up real much. koi fish and gardening are his passion. mum's a housewife. she's a real talker. (it's always like that in marriage dont you think? one would be the antonym of another) she's like a discoverer always into learning new things. her best achievement so far would be her chocolate cake. everyone loves it, have a taste and you'd crave for more.

01. moira, the eldest sister. she works with shit. haha no kidding. she's an engineer working with indah water. she's the next best cook in the house. she makes the most delicious lasagna, yumm.*drool* 02. adlina, the second daughter. she's nice, she's also the head chef, after my mother. she's usually the one cooking dinner for everyone on weekends.

04. aqilah, the not so kid sister. she's studying in a boarding school. she's real loud, and mesra alam too. by mesra alam i mean she's friendly. she can be friends with everyone no matter how little or how old they are. if you notice i skipped 3 because, im number 3. to think of it everyone in the family's a real good cook, except for me -.-"im only good at making lemon tea.

05. afiqah 06. izzat 07. ariff (names mentioned according to age) are the 3 mischievious elves. they are always making chaos, making a mess everywhere in the house. it takes 3 long hours to actually clean the whole house, but it only take them 2 minutes to turn the house into a ship-wreck.

my cats, cumi ciki cici oreo (the other 4 are cici's kids all yet to be named). they are very playful and mischiveous always up to something no good like ruining my mum's favourite sofa. haha.

ahoyy matey!
my best mates, my girlfriends and boyfriends are idzaati marlan, amalia zabidi. zulfadhli jamil and arif wajidi. these people never failed to make my day.

idzaati is my class buddy, people are always calling us twins because we are quite the same height, we can be find together wherever we are and we always wear color coordinated everyday, not that we planned to. she's also my housemate before and yet to be in uni. she's shy, polite and well nice and wise. she's the total opposite of me. she's not into outings and stuff so the only times we hangout would be before, in and after classes.

arif wajidi, my best chum we are the super lame combo. his interest is pretty much 99% the same as mine. he's into music, books, cooking and artsy fartsy stuff. the only different thing about us is that he likes kamen rider but im into ironman more. i really cant understand the kamen rider part. haha. our first conversation is about amy winehouse. we used to spend endless hours visiting art galleries, annexe and bookstores on the weekends. to speak of the truth i think he's a cool dude, a true rockstar with brains.

amalia zabidi, she's a former housemate too, and a loyal shopping buddy and occasionally a movie buddy too. she took a different course in uni so we usually meet up for makan-makan and sometimes we'd go out to shopping malls, well to do some shopping when there is money lah of course. no money no talk. that's our motto. haha our past time would be to update each other with the latest in-uni gossips. haha. girls would be girls.

zulfadhli jamil, my other half we are the kaki jalan. the ever so loyal playmate, movie buddy, ice cream hunter. we are incomplete without each other. cewah. haha. movie addicts, that's us. we are usually to be found lining up at cinemas buying tickets to watch the latest movie. if there is a prize to be given for the most loyal movie goers, i think we'd surely win first place. eventhou he's always pretending to be the matured one, he's secretly a kid at heart. we like going to bookstores, simply to play hide and seek or than reading interesting but incomprehensive japanese craft magazine. we do trips to mcd for the sake of doing an ice cream eating competition. he is certainly a fun dude to hangout with.

lets be friends yo !
well i would be very shy, i'd be polite. that certainly is not me but i wouldnt want to make a bad impression about myself surelybe warned, you do not want to make some random funny jokes coz if it's real funny you might get a heart attack from listening to my loud laugh. it sounds like i dont know, a horse maybe? and you might want to repeat your name again and again thou because im a sucker for people's name. my brain has low memory storage. i might forget your name in the next 5 minutes. haha. seriously im that forgetful. i may look serious and garang but feel free to approach me, say hi. i dont bite, i am certainly a friendly panda (:

religion and friends.
with multiple races in Malaysia you'd certainly find multiple religions too. there's brinda, she's hindu. and there's justin lim, he's christian if im not mistaken. and the list goes on and on. those are my friends. making friends is a good thing, so i never let religion puts the limit to whom im befriending with.

labels, labels, labels.
there might be some of the crowd around me that's totaaaally into kpop and jpop, computers games and metal music etc but that never made me put label on people. i mean what's the use of this labels? it's like putting people into jars and sticking labels as so to easily identify them. fine you say everyone is different but they arent pickles and aliens or such. they certainly and always will look like a bunch of homosapiens to me so there's no need to categorize them people.

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