Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My ambition & small success

I have NOT ACHIEVED anything big which till it was published in the NEWSPAPER or anything BUT i'm proud to say that from blogging itself , I've earned some money which is NOT very little and NOT ALOT either. I'm a blogger since 2007 but i didnt know about blogging advertising agency like Nuffnang & Adverlets. Since last feb , i began a new chapter by creating a NEW BLOGSITE to start afreash. I've join a few blogging contest for example by PROJECT ALPHA & NUFFNANG. My current earning thru nuffang since feb 10' is already RM105. (it might not be alot to those of you who have earned much more than me ,but i feel VERY HAPPY to be able to earn money just from blogging) Look at me now ! I'm even blogging for REAL VOICES 2 ! THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN YOUTHSAYS! :D

I would define a successful person NOT by their looks or money but from their achievement. For example, i have a friend who did not even qualify for his SPM but he worked hard. Living in Malacca 20 years ago,he thought he would make a better living in singapore so he took the risk and chance to explore. He started by working as a bell boy in a hotel. Since then he was slowly promoted to front desk ,then manager and so on. Today , He holds one of the biggest position in a 5Star Hotel in Singapore and controls a few big properties owned by Capitaland . Now thats, SUCCESSFUL ! 

What inspires me ? My role model would be MY DADDY ! Why ? Because he inspires me with the way he takes care of us 2 , being so caring & loving & let me tell you HE IS THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD !!! He went thru hardship during his childhood ,therefore he wants us to have a MUCH BETTER/EASIER LIFE than what he had experience before. He also always thinks ahead and plans stuff for us which really inspires me .

AMBITIONS ? Well , as i'm taking MEDIA STUDIES. I've planned to work either with TV STATIONS,RADIO OR MAGAZINE COMPANY. As for my part time , I enjoy blogging so much! Its a way that i can express myself and also improve my english! I hope to be one of the future FAMOUS MALAYSIAN BLOGGER *Fingers crossed* ; ) & Last but not least , MODELLING has always been my passion since young & i've started modelling part time. Mainly now for an online boutique which is I also hope to be a successful model /maybe a successful part time ones in time to come ! Below attached is a picture of me modelling for clothes ! ; ) TOODLES !!


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  1. i have to say this out loud but i love the way u express ur feelings.its unique in a wayy! (: