Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Day 3: Ambition & Success

·         Share with us any success or achievement stories you have got so far, whether it is big or small

 Hmm..  stories of success and achievement.. I don't think of any as grand or significant.. but I'll have a lot to talk about in the years to come.. If you're taking UPSR and PMR, yeah I nailed them both with awesomeness.. I obtained my driver's license last month. And just last week, I drove all the way from my place in Kepong to KL town, successfully without any problem. And to me, that was a big deal! And I have been blogging on my site for about 4 years now, I think that of an achievement too. I successfully baked my own Peach Pavlova! I was asked to help write for the Yale Law Review but I didn't and am not too proud. I was also asked to be a contributing writer for an information-based website and I'm working on that. I also worked with WWF Malaysia and Planet of the Monyets as a blogger to save tigers and I'm so darn proud of that! These are the little random ones. :)

·         How do you define a ‘successful person’, what are the elements that make someone successful? Tell us why.

To me, a successful person is someone who is good at something he does for a living. Elements that make someone successful is professionalism, confidence, charisma, willingness to take risk, high emotional intelligence, affability, inspiration and determination.

·         What inspires you? Do you have any role models?

        The stories of successful people inspire me. People who have become successful now because of their misfortune in their past. People who have had to struggle. People who had to stop the running tears, wipe them away, and fight their emotions! People who have tried and successfully made an impact. People like Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, John F Kennedy and Mahatma Gandhi. Also entrepreneurs like Lakshmi Mittal, Carlos Slim Helu and our very own Tony Fernandez and Ananda Krishnan! =) My dad could also be referred to as a role model. He's more of a motivator. I'm driven to succeed because of him. Because of his struggles, because of the dreams he wasn't able to achieve. :)

·         Do you have any ambitions? What three ambitions/goals have you set yourself for the next year, the next five years and your life?

Ye    Yes I do have lots of ambitions/goals. By next year, I must have achieved excellent results in SPM, enrolled myself for A Levels and read at least five biographies of political or economical figures. By the next five years, I must have completed my law degree, continued with my Bar Vocational Course, gotten a job, got a part-time job and get as much working experience possible from various fields of work. For life, I'd like to get a place I could call my own, my own car to get me to places, objects of investments like stocks, bonds and properties, get involved in philanthropy, travel around the world, start a family, be a better cook, write for newspaper or magazine columns, be a better photographer and so much more! =)

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