Wednesday, May 19, 2010


HELLO AGAIN!Its me ,STACEY ! :D Hope you remember my first post regarding youth ? (*Fingers crossed*) Ok i'm back with my 2nd topic which is about FAMILY & FRIENDS!

I shall start with my beloved family ..I am the eldest in the family & i have a younger brother . My family surname is FREDERICKS. I'm a mix portuguese & chinese so that explains the 'unique' name. XD My family & I are VERY CLOSE & We spend alot of time together especially during the weekends ! DINNER is A MUST for us to sit together and eat(thats my culture) & we often chat till late night sometimes. Weekends are spent either at shopping mall or home. We make it a practise every saturday,as a family we'll go to church together in the evening. Below is a picture taken recently of my HAPPY FAMILY during my brother's birthday dinner last monday : )

Next , FRIENDS. Below is a picture recently taken when i went in to Singapore to hang out with few of my ex-schoolmates which are the few closest ones to me. Me & my bestfriend ,Laliitha have not hung out for quite a long time already due to her studies & that i'm often not at jb. : (  I had SO MUCH FUN hanging out with them because i feel COMFORTABLE talking & joking with them.

Next , When I'm meeting new people ... I would describe myself as a person who cant speak cantonese(although i understand a little) Thats because most of the people in KL speaks cantonese instead of mandarin(which i can speak quite fluently). I would also say I'm from JB & I'm 19 this year(of course after telling my name) :D

IDENTITY is definitely NOT IMPORTANT to me & my friends because i dont think its necessary to care that much about that. Being different is NOT a thing you yourself choose to be just to STAND OUT from the rest. I mean if it really happens that its a whole different story ,right ? I do stand out from some of my friends cos they would say i'm tall , that i did the part time modelling ,and my hair was RED after modelling for Toni&Guys Salon. But i just dyed it back to dark brown today. : ) (Too much attention captured when i'm having red hair) HAHAHAH...

RELIGION DOES NOT AFFECT MY CHOICE OF FRIENDS. Why ? Maybe to some people they would only prefer to be friends with the people from the same culture & etc. I think thats a stupid thing to do /think of ! Come on ! We live in MALAYSIA ! We have so many different RELIGIONS & Beliefs. So You are just gonna be friends with the same religion ? Of course NOT ,right ? So in conclusion, Religion NEVER AFFECTS MY CHOICE OF FRIENDS! ; ) I have friends from different religions ,honestly & I Have nothing to complain !

How do my friends and I categorize people from our age group ? Hmmm.... have you heard of 'LA - LAS' ?? Hehehehe... well its a term used in my college whereby a person dresses up in a COLOURFUL way, takes pictures in a different way(love to act cute with different poses) & etc. Get what i mean ? Another one would be 'Ah BENG' ...That for a guy who doesnt dress up properly & uses like old clothes & slipper to go out... with the HAIRSTYLE (Long fringe at the front with bright colors)... The last one would be what i think /call them.. I would call them 'ACCENT-ERS' ..You must be wondering what right ? LOL !It derives from the word ACCENT ! Ok we malaysians normally use lahh and stuff like that. But i've met a couple of people(quite many) who likes to use their 'FAKE ACCENT' in their daily lives when talking to people & i cannot stand that! Come on, you are NOT FROM ENGLAND/ US! So speak like a Malaysian !

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