Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's all about being youth~ yeah~!

Well, since this is my 1st time blogging, I found myself to take quite a time to familiarize with all the features in this blog, and I'll start with introducing myself~

~Introduction to me~

I was named Muhammad Al Mubarak Bin Zainal Abeeden, quite a long name huh, but let's shorten it to Barack, thats rite, ur all time beloved Barack Obama~ Just kidding~ XD
The name was inspired from our fasting month (Ramadhan Al-Mubarak - yeah, I was born in that month during my year) as well as Ibnu Mubarak, a religious guy from the old time who was a success figure in both world (in term of his wealth) and afterlife (in term of his religious activity). Holding this great name is quite a responsiblity for me to also display the same quality in my life,though I haven't yet to achieve his greatness in close period,but it's something I've set my goal at.

Well, I'll make this short since I can write the whole page all about me if I'm to do so,but no,save my typing time...huhu...

All my past educations are in religious school except when I went for pre-university study. I was a student of Tadika ABIM Anak Bukit,Alor Star ,Sekolah Rendah Islam Alor Star, Maktab Mahmud Alor Star and the most recent was Centre for Foundation Study in Science University of Malaya, quite a long name for a finisher huh~ I don't have that much sweet memories in all of my school except the last one since I happened to be a shy and anti-social boy after getting bullied by my senior-supposed-to-be classmate,and it only stopped when he moved to his supposed-to-be senior class... Well, that didn't stop me from being a smart guy since I've always gotten the top place in class. In my secondary school, everything went well except I'm juz too shy to blend in with the whole of my form mate and so, I ended up making several new friends with most of them consists of my old friends. Furthering my study in UM was a really great choice that I've made instead of accepting offer from Ministry of Education to do SAM (South Australian Matriculation) in Taylor University College and pursue my study in Physics in oversea university. Some of my friends questioned my action, but what's done can't be undone, and I didn't regret a bit about my decision~ It was a bit sad start in UM since I've to do such a huge change in myself in order to cope in hostel life and also university life,but in the end, I survived well in this battle of mine. I made a lot of friends and most of them are my good friends and many of them are by best friends. It was the happiest time in my life n I will not forget it. Anyway,I've just gotten my result and I've done quite well. I'm applying for various scholarships for chances to further my study in oversea university, but I guess the opportunity isn't as many and easy as when I was an ex-SPM candidate...

~The Best Thing about Being Youth Today~

Next thing I'm going to talk about is the best thing about being youth today. Yeah of course, compared to our parents' youth time, today we have a lot of thing to be enjoyed,not to be listed by me... But at least, we have a lot of facilities and the one I most appreciate is the availability of internet access these days. Having internet had enhanced my life so much that I think, this is the best thing that I would have when I'm the youth of today's world. It was my first year in secondary school when I've gotten my first internet access in home. Well,at that time, I only utilizes internet for entertainment purpose which I kind of regret when I'm thinking about those days today... But it was fun,and more relaxing than in my foundation year. I tried and played various online games such as Ragnarok Online,TS Online, Gunbound, Runescape, Risk Your Life 2, Maple Story and Flying for Fun. I believe that those MMORPG happened to teach me quite a lot about the internet world where I became the most expert in using computer compared to any other members of my family and hold that title even now~ Yoohoo~ After that, I got involved in anime world when my friend gave me some episode of Bleach,and I started to learn about downloading illegally stuff,which isn't something good,but it's also a precious experience of mine which I cherish too.. Then,after my SPM result was out, I was involved in the world of searching for better chance and quality for tertiary education on which I learned a lot about application for scholarship,university,and more. Now,I'm even involved in the internet social world for which facebook had become my tool in keeping in contact with my beloved friends as well as writing my first blog now for Youth Says~ What a huge change my life has had,I'm so grateful for today's technology accessibility...

~Past and Present as a Comparison~

Well,comparing our time to our parents' time back, I will say that their time is an easier and better time. There are more opportunities in both job and education compared to us~ My father even said at their time, the sponsorers came and find then to give scholarship,in contrast, we've got to look on our own these sponsorers. The competition for the sponsor is less and you can even get a decent job with a bachelor degree. Nowadays, I don't believe a bachelor degree is good enough to secure a good permanent occupation unless it is a second upper honour degree or higher.... That's our tough life as a youth today, we got to strive all we have and compete with the best of ours to get a place in society,gosh, what a harsh life... This is also the reason I'm starting to think that our future is perhaps fading away faster than we thought,if we remained ignorant and be over-optimistic about our future... It's good to be optimistic,really,but if you're not showing any indication of improvement, that means that you're not being optimistic,instead, you're just being neglecting your life. Neglecting your life is a sign of rebellion where you're heading towards a dark unknown future that you on your own created the path towards it... Well,even I have done such rebellion when I was in form 3.... My friend suggested me that our nation education is too exam oriented and so he emphasized that exam isn't all that important. So, I who was always being naive immediately came with agreement about that and stop being a total bookworm who only study all the time (as if I'm that bookworm to begin with, haha. Honestly,I'm a last-minutes-study-hard person even in my foundation year). So, I stop doing too well in mid-year exam and final exam, all the result was obtained through half-assed work, though I'm still the top 10 in my class,huhu~ Recently when I was searching for scholarship in a website, I found one that even enquire about our past exam performance in school and I was like "What're you looking into those pointless exam? The major exam like SPM is the one being used to measure us as a whole in our secondary level of education" , but they was looking for such an excellent candidate on which I rue the day I half-assedly work hard in my study.

Hmm,I kind of think my post is quite long already, but I asked the admin and he (is Ronn the name of a man? I'm not too familiar with English common name) said that there's no word limit,so blame on him for my overstatement~ huhu~


Next is, I'm going to give my thought on my biggest fear in the world other than death?! Hahaha, well, of course there are a lot of fears that have been scaring me down to my knees, but the biggest eh... I guess it is when I'm not able to score in Mathematics? I've always doing well in Mathematics subject and if it comes to a day when I'm unable to do it well anymore, I think I'm going to die of a heart shock~* Honestly~* But it had actually happened when I took my Monbukagakusho exam for the scholarship offered by MEXT - Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. Anyway, the level was clear as crystal not within my sylibus as I took the undergraduate exam when I was an ex-SPM candidate,which clearly showed me that my education hadn't been sufficient yet to apply for the scholarship. I was quite frustrated to do so badly in Math paper and I'm quite surprise now that I didn't die of a heart shock since my earlier statement in this blog state otherwise! What a metaphore~! Hahaha.. I'm mostly happy when I made others smile and also feel happy, it's a great joy when you smile and the world smile with you (quoted from RO) , you'll feel easier to smile when you're in the environment and it's a great feeling that you should give a shot into it~ The most difficult hurdle would be the time I've experienced to familiarized myself with hostel and university life in UM. It was quite a torture to me when I wasn't able to find any other friend except my school mate friend which happen to be my best friend and he's the only one I can talk to when I was in sad moment, but as time passed, he also started to get new friends and I felt very lonely to only have him as my friend. I also felt very terrible when I didn't get a room mate when everyone else did and when I did get a new room mate, I felt like it was better to not have room mate at all, since he's not the type that can get along well with new guys, especially when he's a faculty student and older than me by 2 years~! In the end, it turned out to be fine and I was able to accept him as my room mate though I'm not that close enough with him like other room mates, BUT, I still feel that it was better to not have a room mate at all if my room mate isn't psychologically synchronize with me~ Hahaha~

Well, that's it for today, though I'm already late by 2 days to submit this post... This is what we call blogging eh... I'm kind of enjoying doing blog because I can voice out my thoughts in details here, but I'm starting to wonder if there's actually people who'll read a post this long, and, yeah, it's a tedious job to do...Gosh! THE END

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  1. woww i wonder why'd u turn down to study in Aussie,u must have a valid good reason then eh.all the best in UM,
    i act wnted to enroll there too but they dont offer for UIA's students to pursue their degree their.too bad. (: