Wednesday, May 19, 2010

the first

okay so i'm pretty excited for being invited to write for this blog together with other youths. sadly, i'll have to postpone writing for my private blog as i don't have much time to write for both blogs what with all the work and dating [haha] and all. what was more exciting was that this project started on 18th may which is also my birthday so happy birthday to me woo hoo! okay so the first topic is..................... Youth Today! so now i'm gonna answer the questions given which are:

What’s the best thing about being youth today? Do you think the future is bright, for your generation or do you think the future is something to worry about?

well firstly, i think that the best thing is being a youth itself. coz hey, we're all young and adventurous and we can practically do anything, really without being judged. you know, for example if we party all night people'll just say something like, "they're still young" or whatever. but if we're in our forties or something people will totally judge saying, "hello, aren't you turning 45 this september?" or "can't you practically see the obvious grey color of your hair, or is it just me?" or something like that. plus, being a youth, i get to write in this blog! lol. and about the future, well,
i do think that it is something to worry about. i mean, as much as i like to hang out and have fun, i'd also like to have a great occupation with a promising future. but judging with the economic downturn and the politics and the crime nowadays, sigh.. i don't think i even want to be in the future. okay for example, can you believe that the price of full cream milk today is RM5.70?? if the price of everything keeps going up as fast as full cream milk, isn't people's salary supposed to be raised as well? i mean, how are we gonna live if simple daily things like full cream milk is so expensive? and may i point out that it is twice last year's price? gosh.

b) Do you think “youth” (people like you) are rebellious in nature? Do you think youth today rebel like they used to before? Explain. Do you/have you rebelled against anything or anyone in the past? Explain.

yes, i definitely think so. but no, i do not think that youth today rebel like they used to. they rebel more, actually. and, they rebel about different things nowadays. i personally think that youth today has more choices compared than in the past. you know, for example if a teenager hates his teacher from his tuition center, he can totally switch to a different tuition center because
there are like, LOADS of tuition centers in a small city alone, let alone a big city. in the past, people did not really have many choices. i mean, how many tuition centers were there in the nineties? teenagers in that time just had to bear with it, no matter they like the teachers or not, as long as they get education. they couldn't just switch. like i said, there weren't many places to switch to. plus, they probably wanted the cheapest place to go to. oh and yes, i have rebelled against someone in the past. my school's principal. lol. which was really irritating because after he exchanged schools, i did too. to the same school that he did. bummer.

Do you think youth today have an easier or harder life than our parents’ generation? Please explain your answer.

i would say easier. hello, did our parents have their own mobile phone or internet services or their own laptop when they were teenagers? NO. they didn't have shopping complexes either. or cinemas. or jimmy choo. or even air-conditioning.

d) what is your biggest fear in the world... other than death?

may i point out that it isn't death i'm scared of, just the condition in which i didn't get to repent before i die? answering the question, i'm scared of losing my dearest sayang. okay let's not get all lovey-dovey here. well there are a lot things that i fear. i'm scared knives, eventhough i use them everyday to cut carrots or whatever in the kitchen. but i'm really scared of them. i'm also scared of making a decision. i know i'm 19 now and i should be able to make my own decisions by now, but i just can't i'm scared that i can't face the consequenses after that because i have made the wrong choices so many times before in my life. even choosing the right pencil can use up a lot of my time. [which is why i let my boyfriend buy me all the stationeries].

e) what makes you happy?

a productive day makes me feel happy and content. a productive day for me means that everything goes smoothly, and i am able to complete everything on my day's list without hurting anybody. another thing that makes me happy is shopping. haha.

f) what has been the most difficult hurdle you have overcome so far in your life? what did this experience teach you?

that would be accepting my stepmother as a member of my family. only after ten years of living with her did i accept the fact that she is now a member of the family. and it only happende because she was diagnosed with breast cancer. that experience taught me that you cannot see love, you can only see it go. we almost lost her, but we didn't. it was God's way to make me accept her as my own family. life after she got diagosed with cancer was hard. there were tears everyday. it was just so sad watching her like that. so i tried my best to cheer her up. i told her stories about people who had cancer but made through it and is now happy. and we became closer. the family bond is so much better now.

g) which has more importance today in your life - family or friends? why? in your experience, did you ever have to make a choice between your friends and family? if 'yes', explain your answer and why did you do so?

i would say family. i rely more on friends than my own family, though. my family has always let me down when it comes to the rare occasions that i have to rely on them. for example, i need them to take me to my friends house for her birthday party or whatever. i have lots of siblings andenough cars to share between us. most of us can drive and already have driving licences. but none of my family members have ever had the kindness to send anyone anywhere. they even fight on who's gonna pick me up from school. they are not busy, they're just lazy. which is why i rely more on friends. but i have always made it clear that family comes first. yes, i have had to choose many times between friends and family. even for simple things like going out for dinner with friends. i always had to choose to have dinner with my family if my family was having dinner at my granma's house together with my cousins. which is every weekend. i chose family because like i said, family comes first. the only reason why my granma asks us to have dinner at her house every weekend is for bonding. family bond is very important.

h) tell us more about yourself!

well, my names sofiya but most people call me piya or rafeah or piah or whatever. i'm just turned 19 yesterday and i celebrated it with my bestfriend and my boyfriend which is also her brother. haha. i love writing, i dream to be a writer someday. i am currently working as a part-time article writer and let me just say that i am HATING IT. so maybe writing isn't too fun. but i do love doing it. i just don't like being forced to write on boring topics with datelines. today i picked my little brothers up from school and my youngest brother said the cutest thing about science.

lil' bro : pagi-pagi adik beli air 7 up revive, tak pon air 100 plus.
me : adik, tak elok lah minum air gas pagi-pagi kalau perut kosong, nanti sakit perut.
lil' bro : kak ya rase, dia ambik kat mane gas ye? adik rase dia ambik kat tong gas kat dapur tu. sebena nye dia ambik kat pokok kan kak ya?
me : nape ambik kat pokok plak?
lil' bro : sebab pokok sedut gas kan?
me : orang tak sedut gas ke?
lil' bro : tak lah.
me : nape orang tak sedut?
lil' bro : sebab gas kan busuk. cube kak ya hidu tong gas kat blakang tu. bau busuk, kene kencing katak.


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