Wednesday, May 19, 2010

F & F

Day 2: Family & Friends

·         Tell us about your family structure and members. Tell us stories about your time spent with family. Bring us to become part of your family! (you may include pictures)

Dad and I

My family.. There are four of us. Mom, dad and brother. My dad is self-employed, mum is a homemaker and brother is currently pursuing Diploma in Physiotherapy. Because of similar personality traits, my dad and I get along very well. Mum and I, not too well. My mother is a no-nonsense person and has very little to say to me since I'm not the type who obeys. My father is the best father a daughter like me can get. We're like a team. We both prefer political and historical matters and things of that sort. My brother is a computer geek and is fond of photography. We're almost always busy with our own stuff unless of course there is a need for a family togetherness. I would also like to add my aunt, also my godmother, to my list of immediate family members since she is like one anyway. She makes no difference from a mother in her ways with me.  :) 

·         Tell us who are your best friends and why do you like to hang out with them and the activities you all frequently do together.  (you may include pictures)

I have a couple of close friends. And they're all very different people; my dad, my cousins, a couple of childhood friends, friends who are and were schoolmates and friends I've met online. They're not one bunch of teenagers like me. Some of them are, some of them aren't. So it's easier to say they come from varied walks of life. I do hang out with some and when I do, I go for ice skating, have a hearty meal or go for a movie. For those I'm not used to hanging out with, we usually keep in touch constantly over the internet or on the phone on a regular basis.
Friends from school

·         When you are meeting new people how do you describe yourself?

iiiii   This is how: I'm Kanmani and I'm 17. I hate butterflies and I love reading non-fictional books. I try to sing Beyonce and I admire Obama. I like Eminem for his past. I love John F Kennedy's speech on the American Dreams.
·         Is identity important to you and your friends? How important is standing out / being different to you and your friends?
   i    Identity is important to me. I want to be known for my expertise, whatever they may be. I'm not talking about purple hair and piercings everywhere. I'm talking about moving speeches for instance. Being known for trying to make a difference. As for my friends, I can't really say because I don't discuss these things with them really. 

·         Does religion affect your choice of friends? Explain your answer

         No, religion DOES NOT affect my choice of friends. I have friends from varying religions, many aren't from my religion of birth. I think it's one's surrounding and interests that makes a person, not his religion on race.

·         How do you and your friends like to categorize people of your age group . i.e EMO, Skater, JPop, KPop fanatic, Hip Hop, Goth, freak, geek, shutterbug, others? What are the three most popular groups/looks amongst you and your friends?

        Well, my friends and I are pretty normal I would say. There aren't people of their own 'society' or such around us. We do have shutterbugs, geeks and well, political enthusiasts?? ;)

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