Saturday, May 29, 2010

#6 Social Networking


Communication mediums :
I rarely go online just to talk with people. I'd call or meet up if there's anything important.
But when we do go online, we mostly use Facebook, Myspace back then, MSN Messenger and blogger. My friends do use Twitter and Plurk and all but I don't heheh.

Social networking sites, for the better or worse?
Bettterrrrrrrrrrr :D Facebook has done me wonders with its magic of finding old friends and reaching out to people far faaaarr awaaay. hehe.
But worse when you use it excessively.

Social networking sites I have :
1. Facebook. Because at first they have so many games! I was so seduced by them haha. now they do me real good :D
2. Hotmail account and MSN Messenger.
3. Blogger, to dish out crappy stuff to hungry readers, haha.
4. Skype, to use the video call to talk with my sisters in Australia.
5. Youtube. Because sometimes my friends and I make covers of songs hehe.

How many friends do I have on Facebook?
Let's see ...................

Only like 1% of them are people I don't know but I accepted their friend requests because their names keep popping up again even after I denied T.T
Close friends are about 3% of them and other than that, people from school, friends of friends I sort of know. OHMYBEJEESUS about 90% of them ARE people from school!! :O

I prefer to meet people for the first time by seeing their faces. Because meeting people online can somehow be scary. And they can be what they are not.
There was this one girl who added me on Myspace (that was like years ago haha) and we chatted quite a bit and she knew some of my friends and when I saw her once at an event, I really didn't want to go and talk to her because I was like, nooooo I don't even know this girl. haha

Um, no, I don't have a twitter :)

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