Monday, May 31, 2010

#8 Listing down my favourites ...

3 things recently :

Number 1 is the Youth Festival '10. I went there with my friends for two days which was Friday and Saturday for basketball games and the bazaar. It was kinda cool 8D

Number 2 would be

My friend, Khadijah and I were so excited to make an acapella cover of this song too, but we haven't got to it yet. hehe

Err, that's the only two things that I could think of right now :S

Must see for 2010 :
- My boyfriend's basketball games hehehe.
- TOYS STORY 3!!!!!!
- Sex and the City 2 :D

Must have :
- Attic above my bedroom hehehe
- A huge shoe rack since I'm a real shoe addict.
- Lotsa shoes since I'm getting a shoe rack! hehehe and one of them is down here

- um, I think that would be all :S

Favourite outfit would be hard. Because I change my style from day to day according to my mood. So in a month, I can be rock-chic, vintage milk lady or just a laid-back sixteen year old. heh heh

Favourite gadgets and things I couldn't live without :

Stationaries! I don't know why I love them so much.
I get super hyper when I go to stationary shops.

Dell Studio laptop.
It's actually my little brother's but I sort of use it most of the time.

My Nikon d80.
She makes magic.
iPhone 3gs.
But I want it in white :(

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