Monday, May 31, 2010

This post will not have any p\hotos since blogger was such a bitch with my photos in my previous post

I got hair extensions.!
And it's like so cheap in Singapore la.
I did 8 strands of lala pink and 4 strands of lala green, all for only $12!
It's located at some mall at Orchard road, it's called northwest, or southeast or eastwest or something like that.

Singapore sale seems to be a really expensive sale at the moment. I spent my day on Bugis Streets instead. There's one lane there called the $10 dollar street. EVERYTHING is 10 bucks. Damn nice. Floral dresses, high waist pants and all.

This is my last post here (mutters:thank God).
Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to find a wifi spot in Singapore? (something to think about when you're looking who to give the extra cash from the 5 drop outs to)
I mean honestly there's the news about how the whole singapore is wifi-ed and all but what they DON'T tell you is that you have to PAY FOR IT.
Yes, i'm a cheapskate and would rather spend my cash on Cotton On and Hair extensions so yes, i'd rather go around asking every shop if they proive FREE wifi.

So today I'll be blogging on... ho ho ho...

1 Malaysia

If I ter-type and like cause some national drama ah, I refuse to go to jail because I was ASKED to blog about my Opinions on 1 Malaysia. so yeah, put the Youtsays ppl in jail (tsk.)

Okay here goes, I think 1 Malaysia is what the government is using to put on a show to the other countries that we're progressing and being a democratic nation (though i beg to differ)

NOW WAIT.... STOOOPP.. don't criticize me now, or YET. Hear me out.
I'm not criticizing the 1 Malaysia concept, I'm criticizing the way the government is running it.

1 Malaysia, by itself, is genius. It brings the sense of togetherness and bond between the citizens.It's a step ahead for the country to create tighter relationships between it's people which leads to greater accomplishments for the country.
But in my opinion, the 1 Malaysia concept can only be applied in Malaysia when the whole "special privileges to Muslims" thing is stopped.

I mean the fact that the government is still giving special privileges to a specific group of people in the country is already contradicting the 1Malaysia concept.
No I'm not dissing the muslims here (so no throwing eggs and shoes at me). If you're going to be giving special privileges to Muslims,fine with me, then give the other citizens special privileges too (and I'm not talking about McD vouchers here).

The whole thing about how we "owe" it to the Muslims since their fore fathers allowed the Chinese and Indians to reside in Malaysia is a grandfather story la.
Yes, I will respect and thank you're fore fathers for being so gracious but

If the government is going to bring up the story of our Muslim fore fathers every time the Muslim's Special Privileges is questioned,then by all means,please stay in wooden houses because that's where your fore fathers stayed, please watch black and white tv, please use telegrams to communicate and please don't sleep with air con.

Sounds absert doesn't it?
Why is it that today we stay in brick houses? Why do we use the internet and mobile phones to communicate? Why do we have satellite tv?


and in the same way,our government policies should progress.

I will not categorize the different races in the country and state what I think of them because they are all similar to me, they are Malaysians. I don't think any race is superior to the other. One race might be getting better treatment, but when we're all stripped down and naked, we're all the same.

Yes, there's definitely tension between the races in the country. That's what you get when you give special privileges to one race and not the others. It's the same when you have kids, you don't give only 1 child special attention.
So duh, there's tension in the country and THE GOVERNMENT ASKED FOR IT.

I think about my race before my country. I can't help it.
The government is already giving special treatment to 30% of the nation. It's a duh factor that the rest of the 70% will start to look out for themselves and that includes putting their race before the country.
Why? Because the government caused that divide between the citizens in the 1st place.

If something is not done soon, I see Malaysia becoming smaller and smaller. I see citizens of all races leaving for other countries. I've spent 5 days in Singapore so far and have already met a bunch of Malaysians with Singaporean PR's (and these people are of different races)

and that's all for 1 Malaysia. I'm not going to answer the last question cause my answers won't be very polite.Now seriously.

We Malaysians have already risen up, we're waiting for the government to come along.

Signing off for the last time EVER
with love,

(just so you know, in no way was the author influenced by her dad, or anyone else while writing this post. This all comes from the heart and I still do love you ,Malaysia. I just have issues with your government. Don't we all?)


  1. I totally love this post. Two thumbs up!

  2. me too! :D
    and I'm a muslim hahahahahhaha

  3. Thanks for the support guys =)

    and aisyah, credits for being open minded)