Monday, May 31, 2010

#9 Brands

Is branded products important?
Absolutely not! My father has taught me that the most important thing in buying stuff is the quality. Yes, usually branded products have higher quality but it doesn't necessarily mean that things without a brand couldn't be a good deal.

Brand that I agree with :

Cotton On is so IN because it follows most of the trend(not saying that I'm an absolute trend follower it's just that I agree with this brand) but at really affordable price compared to Forever 21, Topshop, MNG and Zara.

Favourite brands :
- Clarks for their comfortable shoes. And I really respect them for upgrading their style.
- Salvatore Ferragamo for their really really great handwork of leathers ( not that I own any hahaha)
- Nine West for their style that suits me a lot.
- Vans, yes, for their style that suits another side of me.
- Xixilli for their comfortable bras hehehe.
-Supre of Australia that's super amazing.
- Forever New of Australia that's even more amazing! hehe
-Ipanema for their really comfy flip-flops.
- F.O.S and blogshops HAHAHA

I don't think there are any brands that I would be embarrassed to be associated with. Maybe.

Nope, religion doesn't influence my choice of brands.

Where do I find informations on products that I like,
mostly friends. Or when I go out and 'tawaf' malls.

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