Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~all hail the youths~

HEY HEY!!! مرحبا

well, let me start of with a brief introduction of myself...

my name is ULYA AQAMAH BIN HUSAMUDIN... yes i know, its a weird and uncommon name, but, it does have a beautiful meaning..
what? ask me personally.

i am a proud graduate from malaysia's ROYAL MILITARY COLLEGE. i am 19 this year and yes i am still young and active. hahaha. well known for a debate enthusiast, yes i love to talk and debate on issues regarding the "world issues"
(personally debating is the only thing that makes me open up the alamanac and read.. duh!).

people often find me as a happy-go-lucky type of guy,
being able to talk to and a place to be cheered up from sadness,
to me, having my friends around is the best thing to keep me happy and joyful..:)

dreams to pursue Law in the United Kingdom, got the scholar,but settled down with Dentistry in the Middle East, more specifically Jordan.. -.-" ironic right?

(at the famous dead sea, jordan)

born in Selangor, primaries in Indonesia,secondaries back to mother land, and now studying in jordan under the ministry of defence scholarship.... and OMG , how i miss malaysia..:(

hopes to be a great politician one day fullstop!.
( dentists could be ministers ok, look at khir toyo hahaha)

enough about me, now lets talk about you, us, the youths!!!


1.) What's the best thing about being youth today? do you think the future is bright, for your generation or do you think the future is something to worry about?

a great question.:)

well, personally the best thing about being today's youth , is the fact that we are born in this hi-tec world , full of inventions and innovations. from the transportation, communication to lifestyle..

could you even imagine a world without these innovations?
cow rides instead of l.r.t, pigeon mails instead of internet and fanning books instead of chilly cool
air conditioner

nowadays, youths could do wonders with these sophisticated machines.. a long time a go, it would take you 2 days from shah alam to kuala lumpur, now it only takes you 2 hours max (which is plus the traffic). telegram was a nuisance, taking such a long time to reach the reciever.. now,even cellphones have internet services, my my how the world has really changed.

but, despite all these wonders and modern blessing, i still have a dark dark feeling to worry for our future generations. yes, we have been given the best facilities, the best gadgets, but sadly, our peoples sivics and moral ethics are decreasing vice versa to the hi-tec development. having internet at your finger tips, does mean having easy porn in your hands, which indirectly will become a bad influence for those youngsters who are still incompetent to tell the good from bad.
unless we find a safeguard to maintain our ethical stability, my worries will still last without any means to go away.

2.)Do you think "youth" (people like you) are rebellious in nature? Do you think youth today rebel like they used to before. Explain. Do you/have you rebelled against anything or anyone in the past? Explain.

what i know, is that scientifically, "youth" do have this urge to rebel, since their hormones are highly unstable, but....... it does not apply to all. i believe that this issue is subjective, it does not matter from which "youth" era you are from, but its the person deep inside you. they do have rebelious "youth" in the 80's or maybe even the 50's . its an ongoing issue, with no true reasons on why this rebelling issue is happening. i mean, its obvious enough, you do see obedient children nowadays, following every single thing they are told to do so..

the nature of rebelling is highly correlated with ones maturity level, the more mature he is , the more obedient he is.. (well thats from my prespective)

this "rebellious nature" should not be viewed from a narrow point of view, open your scopes, try to understand. sometimes what these "youths" are rebelling about, is the correct thing to be

take the case of this young kid. Nujood Ali, she was married at a really young age, and she demanded for divorce , which means she is rebelling on her parents initial demands.. i believe, that what she was rebelling about, is for her own greater good..

and yes, i actually did rebelled my parents once upon a time, i was too young and stupid to realise that i was wrong, i went for a night drive with a few of my friends when my parents clearly forbided. it was a really long journey, and all we wanted was to have satay! my parents thought that it was already to late, and i ought to be resting for my part time job the following day ( it did happen when i was waiting for my spm results) and that night, being a rebellious son, sneaking through my window, i took the car keys and drove crazily to the "desired" satay house. we had 20 satays each. and when we were heading to my car, i just realised, i didnt switch off the lights. so the battery went low, my car was unable to move , no one had a jumper to start my car, and my last option was to call...... yes.. my father..-.-"........

*the next scene is totally unappropriate to share with you, but the message is DO NOT REBEL! HAHAHA

3.)Do you think youth today have an easier or harder life than our parent's generation? Please explain your answer.

From my point of view, youth today, have a totally easier life compared to our parent's generation, this issue is highly related with the first question. i mean, we are born in this "comfortable " and hi-tec life.. we have everything that we want. the country's economic state is stable which ensures a better life quality for the citizens. so yeah!! we do have a totally... I mean TOTALLY easier life!!

4.)What is your biggest fear in the world... other than death?

besides then death, i believe i fear for my future.

life is such an unidentified matter, having all of the future ahead of us, with no clue at all on what we are about to endure, and what we are about to face. i have tonnes of questions pondering on what will happen to me, in the future....

will my dreams become a reality?
will i have a happy family?
how will my life be like?
will my kids be good kids?
will the world still be safe for us to stay?

yes, it may seem that i have gone way beyond the valley of worries, but, i have to..... Looking into the world now, how the environment is , the people around you, the present culture and the climate changes... i have to make sure that when the time comes, i am well prepared and that all the things happening now, could become an advantage for our future rather than a drawback.

But one things for sure, even in 20 years to come, we would glance back to our youth days, full of happiness and memories.. yes! youth days are the best one could ever go through, it's the time where we humans learn to understand the world , and mould ourselves to be what we ever wished to be... man i hope i don't get old! hahahahaha..

5.) What has been the most difficult hurdle you have overcome so far in your life? What did this experience teach you?

i strongly think that the MOST difficult hurdle for me is during my days in the royal military college (RMC).. my stay there was like a living hell, waking up as early as 4.30 in the morning to shine stairs and shoes, going through total physical and mental torture, going through a total military life, ask any military personnel , its damn suffering...

but, despite the bad and negative side we endure during the training, i believe that these ordeals are what made me strong enough to face the world today. this experience taught me the means of brotherhood, friendship, cooperation ,punctuality, leadership and offcourse to never give up in life...

(my class in rmc, im the one on the right to my teacher)

in the end of the day, i believe that to gain something that we want, we must endure something that we hate....

"its impossible to see a rainbow without going through the rain"

6.) Which has more importance today in your life- family or friends? Why ? In your experience, did you ever have to make a choice between your friends and family? If 'yes' please explain your answer and why did you do so?

This is a very difficult question. i believe that in my life, neither one plays a
more important role. i believe both have the same value of "needness" .

i mean, each of them plays a different role, take my situation now for instance, im a student somewhere overseas, i couldnt depend on my family in my daily life, my friends are the ones who help me along the way while im here... but in contrary, when im back home, i cant depend on my friends to help me with my personal problems, my family are the ones to give support and encouragement. get what i mean?

and yes, i did go through a situation where i had to choose between my friends and my family. i had a very close friend who was admitted to the icu because he was caught in an accident and at the same time my grandma was at the verge of death back at my home town.. i had no choice, i had to prioritize my grandma because she was in a worst state compared to my friend. but that does not necessarily mean i dont care about my friend. i do.. but i just had to choose one route ... the sad thing was that in the end of the day, i lost both, my best friend and my grandma.... :(


well i guess thats all i have to say bout these issues, and take note that my answers are just my point of view, it may be wrong it may be right, its your choice to choose which one...:)


ps: i guess i already answered the "what makes you happy" and "tell us more about yourself" question in my intro aite? hahaha well happy to share my thoughts with you all...


till we meet again.. [-_-]

Op uLyA aQaMaH BiN Op HuSaMuDiN
(the op stands for 'old putera' a title given to all ex-rmc students, and yes my father was from rmc too..-.-")

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