Sunday, May 23, 2010

Aspiration + Success Story to be Promulgated

Salam, hye guys!
Sorry for being late to post the updated story on other topics, I’m terribly so busy lately, till I have no time even for myself.. I’m uttermostly sorry ok? Huhu (^__^)

Aspiration + Success Story, hmmm this topic sounds interesting. I’ll try to write it down greatly.

So far, I think, I have obtained “a little bit of” success in my examination. (I’m not bragging or being over-conceited) but so far that’s it. Even though it’s not really good, but for me it’s a good achievement. I did almost failed in my previous semester, then I determined to work hard, and alhamdulillah, I did it! Thanks God :)

my Math spoils it :(

A successful person lives their life fully. They love and are loved and they work hard and enjoy down time pursuing their interests. A successful person is kind and caring and does not give into evil. They live their life knowing if it were taken away at any time they lived the way they would have wanted without regrets. They know that the world is a better place because they are in it. A successful person knows life is about happiness and service and not measured by how much money and materials are amassed. A successful person has no problem congratulating others on their achievements and being happy for others success. They are truly happy for others. A successful person also is willing to help those in need, because they know all of us need help in one way or another. A successful person volunteers to make life better for others. A successful person is quietly confident and always listens and learns from each person they come in contact with. A successful person will also be happy to give advice and guidance in their areas of expertise. They give the gift of time and energy when called upon in times of trouble. A successful person is an unsung hero is so many ways yet they never see themselves that way.

Loaded people with money doesn't mean you are successful

Yeah, I’ve my role model. From Islamic view, surely my role model would be our Prophet, Prophet Mohamed (pbuh). He has done so many things successfully in terms of family, management, business and so on. That’s why I adore him, the greatest person in history!

My seconde role model would be Eugene Kaspersky. Yeah, founder of Kaspersky Lab (the top leading anti-virus solution). He established his company triumphantly with a signle step, collecting viruses as what I do. :)

 Eugene Kaspersky

Kaspersky Lab

I have set my target from now. I’ll be commencing my new semester by next week, after I finished with this blogging project. Surely, my target is scoring a great GPA and CGPA, 4 flat in my hand, so that, I’ll be able to make my parents happy and get any sponsorship for my study. InshaAllah! Plus, I wanna turn to be a pious person. After I graduated from university, I want to be a part-time lecturer and a full time software/network engineer, then I’ll open my own computer store. I wanna go for business and marketing. InshaAllah 

Happy reading! Thanks

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