Thursday, May 20, 2010

Be Entertained By The Entertainment Entertainer.

1. Which are your favorite TV shows and how do you watch them (TV, Youtube, download, friend, stream)?

GLEE, C.S.I Miami, Hong Kong TVB cantonese drama and more. If I have could chase up with the show on TV, that would be the best but I'm always busy as if I'm a businessman with lots of appointments. Well, other options to watch it are to stream it and watch immediately. At most times, I'm not even free to watch it after done streaming it so, my last option are to download it and store in my laptop then transfer to my thumb drive. When I have time, I will watch it on TV by plugging in my USB thumb drive to the blue-ray player.

2. Do you like music and fashion? Where do you learn about new trends in music and fashion (from friends, celebrities, magazine)?

Both music and fashion in the same time but priority on music side. Most of the time I plan outings with 1 or 2 of my friends to Berjaya Times Square to observe around the youngsters there. I choose to follow simple and unique trend such as putting on a black framed glasses without its lens. For music trends, I learned from friends and rather wireless radio stations. I'd like to drop by music stations to look for latest music CDs. By surfing through the Internet do update me a lot on new trends.

3. Please tell us about singers and bands you are into, and why do you like them? Where do you get most of your music? (download, buy CD, take from friend, etc.)

Michael Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Boys Like Girls, Iyaz, Jay Sean, Adam Lambert, Livingston, Ace Hood, Robbie Williams, One Republic, Alicia Keys, Backstreet Boys, All-American Rejects, Tokio Hotel, Jason DeRulo,Sean Paul, Akon, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas, Chris Daughtry. Click Five, Colbie Caillet, David Archuleta, David Cook, Jason Mraz, Kelly Clarkson, Kris Allen, Lady GaGa, Lee Hom, Mariah Carey, Maroon 5, Ne-Yo, Nickleback, Ronan Keating, Shayne Ward, Simple Plan, Taylor Swift, Timbaland, Westlife, 3OH!3, Leona Lewis and many more. I like them mainly because of the music they all had contributed. Very good music and songs from them all. Most of their songs contains meaningful lyrics which often touched me. For example, songs written and sang by Michael Jackson. I download it LEGALLY from iTunes which I have to pay. Buying their record labels are one of my music sources. I seldom get songs from my friends because I am a really updated person in music. Most likely my friends are the one who ask for latest songs from me. Another source of music was joining competitions organized by Radio Stations which the prizes are music albums.

4. Do you enjoy reading books? What are the last three books you have read?

I'm not a person who really fancy book. Last three books I have read was revision book for Principle of Accounting, revision book for Malay Language and revision book for History. You must be wondering why all revision books. That is because I'm having my mid-term exam now.

5. What/where do you find new information about entertainment that you like?

Through the borderless information from Internet. I often visit this websites, for music updates and celebrity news. Magazines do provide new information. Therefore, I drop by MPH Bookstore once in a while to catch up with the latest edition of entertainment magazine.

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