Thursday, May 20, 2010

Favourite Pastime : Going Online

I didn't count how many hours I online per day but I think it's around 3 hours (usually more). :) Firstly, I will open my facebook account and myspace. I'll upload new pictures of school events and pictures of mine if I have one. Then open up my email, twitter, formspring, blogger and youth says (It's a must!).Sometimes I edit my pictures online and watch YouTube now and then.

Yeap, I do use a nickname everynow and then. My friend knew me by that name so its cool ;) . But when I do use my name, its because of hmm, I have no idea why I did that, I guess its just for fun. :PP

Good friends on the online world? Not much but I've got a few. Well, I trust only people who upload their own picture and their friends'. I'm not sure why, I just do. :P How I make friends with them is easy, when people add, I just talk talk talk and talk. haha. Also commented on their lovely pictures.

My parents does monitor me online. Every time I went surfing the net they'll ask "What are you doing?" , "With who are you chatting with?" , "Don't tell them where you live." and much much more. :) I think it's effective because I will be less online-ing and more to reading my school books and study. My parents dislikes when I'm always on the computer and they're mad, so I'm now online-ing lesser :(

The more I surf the net, the more I think I'm getting more disconnected with my peeps. Why? Well, firstly, I enjoy games when I'm online-ing and therefore I didn't care when they text me or message me. Sorry. Plus, I got lesser time to talk to them - through the phone.

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