Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beautiful Day

Salam and hey guys!


I'm glad that he won. Though Crystal was better in the finale, I was happy Lee won the whole thing.

Let's get back to business ya peeps.

Brands... I'm not into brands that much as I'm more of a casual, I-DON'T-CARE or I-WEAR-ANYTHING-AS-LONG-AS-ITS-COMFY type of girl.

I do wear branded goods and all but I'm not into it like its a must for me to buy the ones with good names.

Even if I'm the I-DON'T-CARE type of girl, brands still matters to me, cuma tak la macam orang lain yang nak beli branded stuff gila-gila. I know branded goods are comfortable than the cikek ones, that's the only reason why I buy things from Adidas, Nike or LaSenza and all. Because they're comfortable. If you recommend to me a brand-less shirt, but you say its comfy and a high-quality thing, I'd definitely buy it. Comfort and quality matters most to me.

Casing point,


I think its one of the best brands when it comes to skin-care, hair-care, etc. I mean, I've been using their cleanser since I was like, what, 15? I have extra sensitive skin so, I have to use SebaMed. Even my brothers used it when they were kids. Their shampoo, the BEST!

Ala... Typical la if letak all those Nike stuff and all. I mean, semua orang nak cakap dia pakai NIKE, ADIDAS. "Weh, kasut dia NIKE dowh!" You know, it doesn't matter anymore. Aku pakai POWER, takda hal pon. Selesa aje. Murah pon ada, jimat. I also can say, "Oh, look at my new shoes, I pergi NIKE semalam, my dad belikan, lawa tak?" Hah! I'm just not that type.

Kadang-kadang orang ukur status/kedudukan kita dengan jenama. Tak suka la... Hish.

And when you ask, does religion influence my choice of brands, my answer is yes it does. I try my best to support my religion. Most of the time, my parents would remind me of what to buy, what I can't buy, you know, all those things. But sometimes, beli jugak la benda yang tak sepatut beli. Hmm.

For me, brands can be important when you want to feel good for yourself. Not for the sake of showing off. Get it?

Oh, here's a few videos that I like.



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