Sunday, May 30, 2010

Branded Stuff?

I normally use branded products because I'd like to think that they have better quality. Normally-yes they do. But sometimes I don't mind using unbranded products too. I sometimes shop at online blogshops because some of their stuff can be pretty. So brands usually represent quality to me.

If a brands stood up against animal testing,I'd approve. I think that they're cause are noble because I myself don't like to see animals being used like that. Or maybe if a brand support being green,I'd approve because I don't want this world to be hotter than it is now.

For communication,I've used Celcom,Maxis and Digi. I'm using Digi now because it's what most of my friends use and it would save me tons of top up. But the telephone line,especially in rural places,like for example where I live,in a kampung, is quite low..sometimes none at all ! And it pisses me off sometimes because when my friend or family members try to contact me,they can't get through.
I kind of like Celcom because it's the complete opposite..full line! But as I said, many of my friends use Digi so I'd rather save up money.

My favorite brands? Ahhh. I don't know, I don't really like to have a favorite. But let's see..on normal everyday stuff..I like Clean and Clear as my facial wash, Colgate as my toothpaste, Gardenia as my morning breakfast bread, Sunkist for my orange juice, Maggi for noodles(yum!!) and lots more. I also like Milo and Horlicks for drinks:DD



I like it all cause the videos are nice :D

Umm..I don't think I'd be embarrassed on using any brands! :/
Maybe if I was the daughter or son of a particular brand, I'd be embarrassed of the rival brands lah. But...I'm not. So..none? heh

Does religion influence your choice of brands? If 'yes' explain your answer.

I had to copy that out. Because I have no idea why that question is even there =.=
My question: Is religion suppose to influence our choice of brands?

Usually if I go somewhere,and I see something different and looks nice,I'd probably try it out. If its no good,then too bad. Fashion stuff, I usually discover online. But unfortunately those brands aren't even selling here or are too expensive. Like..Miu Miu Dove Printed Platforms! HOMG so pretty *acting like bimbo*

Neway,this is all. Visit my blog! :D

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