Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cotton On craze

The Singapore Sale has started!! and I'm excited!
Asia Conference has been great so far.

People are flocking in by the thousands as I'm blogging thru microsft.

I nearly died today.
Okay, no exaggeration, but yeah, I thought I saw the white light.

I was in the City Hall Mrt station where I had to change trains.As soon as I got off the train I was in, the train on the opposite track was leaving. So I did what every kiasu Chinese person would do-
I MADE A RUN FOR IT (which by the way has to be the stupidest thing EVER).

And guess who got sandwiched in between the MRT doors? Yes, me. I'm never going back to City Hall again just in case they had a vidoe footage of it and they play in every night under
"stupid Malaysians UNLEASHED"

So getting back to the main point why I'm blogging,

I can totally live without branded products. As long as I have something comfortable and nice to cover my crucial areas; I'm fine.Whether a product is branded or not, I think it comes down to the comfort and versatility of the clothing.

I mean if Versace came out with a shirt at it was going on a crazy discount of RM100 but it looked and feels like cardboard, I wouldn't buy it and vice versa.

I don't think any brand reflects me really, but if I had to choose one, it would be F.O.S

It's practical, simple and comfortable.and it's cheap la.
No wait, I'm not saying that I'm cheap. But ya la, i like it because I'm into cheap things.

In my opinion, Body Shop is one brand who has their business principles clearly stated for their customers.

Within minutes of entering the shop, you'll know that
1. Their against animal testing
2. They want to protect the endangered wild life species
3. They recycle
4. They Protect Women rights
The best brand I can think of that communicates with the youths is MTV.

Do you know that an average teenager spends 6 hours a day watching TV?

and that 90% of the youths today has watched MTV at least once?

It's not that MTV's advertisement are out of the world (though some credit has to be given for the creativity) but it's how MTV itself (the brand) has already been established among the youths from years ago.

There's no question on whether you "accept" MTV or not (well unless you're in some religious cult and they say that TV is like demonic or something). MTV has been able to slip into the lifestyles and become part of the norm for the youths of today.

My favorite (note: Singular) brand ever is Cotton On.

ZOMG if you've never heard of it, you must live in like India or something.

It has the most comfortable, practical , colorful, stylish and affordable clothes in the history of mankind (i mean. we don't know if dinosaurs wore clothes mah)

Just before my trip to Singapore I did my "Cotton On research" which consist of finding out the location of EVERY Cotton On store located in singapore.

It's my 5th day here so far, and I've visited about 7 Cotton On shops so far.and *gasp* NO, they aren't all the same. Well, at least in my eyes they aren't la.

Cotton on has robbed me of my earnings from blogging here. (seriously, i took a loan from my mom, so you guys better pay me for this shit)

About a week a go, I had an assignment from my Advertising class to dig out any type of advertisement that catches my eye.
I was trying to filter which one to put here, and they're all so good, I'm gonna show you more than 2.
(you might have to click on them to enlarge to see a clearer picture)

Why do I like these adverts?
*looks annoyed*

They combine creativeness, simplicity and humor all in one print - pure genius.

Are there any brands or products that you would be embarrassed of using or being associated with?
Does religion influence your choice of brands? If ‘yes’ explain your answer.

I'm going to combine both the questions above if you don't mind. Well, i don't really care if you mind, but yeah blogging manners.

No there's not particular brand that I'm embarrassed of using and no, religion does not influence the choice of brands I use.
I mean ya la, of course I don't go around wearing some Nazi brand or support some "Kill all Indonesians" campaign just because a brand I like is running it. That's common sense.
(no offense, no hatred towards indons, I actually think you're christian guys are pretty hot)

I find out information about new products from friends. I mean who doesn't la.Like damn sad right if you don't have friends.
Other than that, you get news on facebook, but then again, that's because you're FB friends tell you about it, so it comes back to your friends.

All for now,
session is Starting with Phill Pringle.
Awesome man of God.

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