Sunday, May 30, 2010

Money, money, money you ain’t funny.


How important is money to you?? Tell us what you think of money.

Money is soooooo important. I mean how else am I or my mum gonna buy food? hmm?? I also need money to go to college. I’m not intelligent enough to get a scholarship XD

What I think of money. Well, I think money is very powerful. It can be used to destroy a relationship, someone’s life, or even a country. I think money as a very negative thing XD Because of it bribery exists. =.=

Where do you get your money? have you done any part time jobs before to earn your allowance?

I get my money from my walking, Talking, breathing, stingy ATM machine XD My MUM! hahaha I’m not even 16 yet! (My 16th birthday is on the 2/11)

I was a salesgirl at one of the flea markets once. Does that count? Might sound Pathetic but that experience made me realise how hard my mum works to support us financially. Even though, I only worked from 12-8pm, I sold 16 things! Not bad for a first timer eh? (I was given RM120 XD)

If you want to buy something, do you usually save up or get it straight away?

SAVE UP! My mother taught me to save and spend on necessary things. Not things which I don’t need. But sometimes, We both splurge on things we really want XD. So to splurge, I save up! Geddit?

How important to your generation is having a strong work ethic and be hardworking in work?

Well, it should be very important. We’re living in a very competitive world. Who knows maybe in the year 2014 we’ll have robot who can think by themselves like the robots in Star wars!


if we’re not hardworking, our bosses could fire us and get a replacement by the hour!

So you see it is very important for my generation to have a strong work ethic and be hardworking in work. Not that I am hardworking XD

What do you think on the current economic climate? Did it affect you, your family and your outlook on the future?

Here we go, I think that the current economic climate is very very unstable. oh, Poor poor Europe and UK.

The pound was at 6.6 before the crisis now, its 4.4!! that’s like 66.67% drop!! Do you know how bad that is?? Really bad!! It all started in late 2007 in the wake of a real estate speculation in the US. By late 2008 the crisis spread to other nations. THANK GOD it didn’t really affect our beautiful country! XD

Whatever it is I agree that it’s all America’s fault. They let greed over rule them =.=

No it did not affect my family. Although the financial world is in chaos, my family remains intact. Like I said, My mum is a stockbroker. Lucky us she monitors the stock market everyday and somehow knows what’s going to drop and what’s going to go up. Even the 1998 crisis didn’t affect us :) aren’t I lucky?

Three coolest jobs in the world. and why.

1. Stuntman! – Because you get to do what everyone else can only dream of for free!

2 Skyscraper Window Cleaner. Observe.1_1219935780_window-washers

(Just look at that view!)

3 Stockbroker – After the previous question, need I say more? XD

Three Least coolest jobs in the world.and why.

1 Doctor. – You see sick people everyday. You might see people die everyday. You work all around the clock. This is sooo not a job for me. XD

2 Actuarist ( Actuarial science) – Dude, dealing with horrorific numbers your whole life. That doesn’t sound cool to me. I mean get a life XD 

3 Garbage collector. – Stinky, dirty Garbage. nuff said XD

This is all =) Hope you enjoyed reading! and and goodnight! I’ll be posting the last 4 tomorrow. My internet is tooo slow. =( Hope It’ll be okay tomorrow. 


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