Monday, May 31, 2010


Its a lie if I said that brand is not important to me. And its a lie if I told you that its the most important thing in my life. For me, I do care what I bought by quality but sometimes I just want to pamper myself by buying those branded stuff (using my parents money :P ) as I can boast to some people. Whoops! I know its wrong but hey, its the truth. :)

I think the brand communicating youth these days are Tropicana Life. For me, they rocks! haha. :D I lovee the cool design. To get my approval the stuff needs to be cute (in my way).

Favourite brands : 
  • Roxy : Love the bags
  • Tropicana Life (TL) : Cool sweater, like the design
  • Converse : CUTE shoes!
I think those two up there play a role in my life but really, i buy more TL than other brands as they're cheaper :)) I never got embarassed using any products except maybe the non original ones. Oh and if there is a picture of a naked woman on my clothes, I WILL NOT wear them. I kinda dislike them. Oh, yess, religion does affect my choice of brands. Well, I can't wear other religion's clothing. Other than that, I'm okay.

Like I said before in my post, I watch less TV and doesn't read magazine that much. If I want to know about the products that I like, my friends will tell me (before I even asked them). :) and, I always join e-newsletter. Easier :)

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