Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chapter 8 : Favourites


My recent posts, I’ve mentioned many things about computer and technology especially in security.

(actually I have no idea on how to start this...omg...)

Straight to the point!~

3 Things that I have seen so far to be shared...

(a) MillatFacebook (newly launched social networking site...come!)

(b) Revision using YouTube (I studied with it, especially for my calculus, it’s very helpful, easy to understand)

(c) I’ve no idea.... (sigh)

Must See!

I must see my forthcoming result will be flying colours! InsyaAllah! So, that means I have to start working hardly from now!

Must Do!

Improve performance in all areas. Religion, study, computer, technology, and so on.

Must Have!

(a) Scholarship for pursuing my study...

(b) Microsoft Office 2010 (by this June)

Favourite Gadgets

(a) My Laptop (My soul and body)

(b) My handphone (Communication surely!)

p/s : The shortest/simplest post ever! Haha


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