Saturday, May 29, 2010

Day 2: I'm Delayed! :(

Hey there YouthSays! :D I know I’ve been putting this off for a while already due to my exams, so I’ll make it up to ya. I’ll try to post as many as I can today :D Well, for my second topic I’ve been asked to write about “Friends and Family”. Pretty wide topic no? I’ll try to articulate as much as I can to you bout my friends and family, mostly through pictures la. Simply put, my family is your not so average Chinese family with a fantastic pair of parents and 2 really hyperactive brothers. Observe.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Yes my bros love to eat. :P (ehem! Fat boy :D)

I would love to put more pictures but I'm just so lazy. :( And all my whole family photos have closed eyes and eyebags and what not. So I rather not put them :P But still my family rocks! Don't mess with the Ongs :)

Well, as for my friends .I would probably catagorize all my friends as party animals! Practically each and everyone of my friends have a beast inside of them waiting to leap. I'll just let the pics do the talking for this one.

Yes I have alot of Indian homeys, 1Malaysia mah! ;)

The brotherly and sisterly love

The party animal :D

Th party animals! :)

And of course, the slightly queer :D

Well, when meeting new people, I feel first impression makes a huge difference and the way you present yourself is crucial in starting off a relationship. Personally, I feel I’m an extrovert and a tiger when it comes to socializing with people. It’s no use staying distant in a world of your own and not interacting with the people around you. Why? Cos it’s people that make the world around you ROCK! Be it just going out for a movie, just having a simple lunch out in a kopitiam or just hanging out after school, friends really play a huge role in one’s life. Take it from me, I should know :D

And yes identity is important, NUMBER ONE RULE OF A TEEN. Image! :D As a teen, your dressing must be right, your way of speech must be right and people must like you la overall. You need not be smokin’ hot like Korean celebs or supermodels, but you must upkeep your identity to be deemed “cool”. As for religion, I find it’s really dumb to choose your friends based on race, creed, religion or culture. First of all, there are plenty of things out there for you to learn bout other cultures. Having friends of different religions has really helped me understand them better and probably some of my best friends are Indians and Malays.

And to conclude my post, I would say my friends classify themselves as eccentrics, extroverts, DEFINITELY SHUTTERBUGS! (or syok sendiri kakis) and maybe a few K-Pop fans! In the diverse community we live in, I find that every step I take is a new lesson learnt in life and a new experience attained. Basically, friends and family are EVERYTHING cos they’re the only one’s you got to catch you when you fall :D
That’s it for now I guess, till tonight

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  1. ha ha your pictures are so funny! [especially the queer one] lol. you must really love having such fun friends and brothers :)