Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Man, I really do have to catch up with you guys. It suppose to be Day 8 topic. But now, I'm only doing the Day 6 topic. That's a lot of writing T have to do. I just only post that Day 5 topic even though I've finished writing it yesterday morning. Don't know why. Hope I can cover 2 or 3 topic for today. Don't be like me guys. Suka tangguh kerja. End up, major decrease in quality and productivity. Anyway, today kinda free day for me. But have to get up early in the morning. Need to send my brother to school because my daddy is outstation. Evening, fetch my brother from school and no, sitting on my desk writing this. Don't bother about what did I do in between morning and evening. Not so important though. Haha

Okay. Social networking. Very big topic indeed. I sounds like online toy for most teenagers nowadays. But it's not. Even Suhaimi Sulaiman, Azli Paat and Reza Razali from Astro Awani also had a discussion about this. This is because the rate of expansion of social networking phenomena is so massive in a very short period of time. And A lot of people are making a lot of money from all these social networking site. But in this post, we are not going to discuss all those major "issue" about the social networking site. I just want to talk about the "issue" listed on the document which is sent to me by YouthSays.

Even though social networking is so sommon these days, there are still some people that doesn't understand what the word 'social networking' really means. If you are one of them, click play on the video below to know what is the word 'social networking' really means.

Like most of us already know, there are thousands or maybe millions of social networking sites that exist now. The famous one are Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Friendster, Blogger and Wordpress. YouthSays are one of them too actually. Me, my self personally use Facebook, Twitter and Blogger. But currently, there are a lot of bad news about Facebook nowadays. And from my point of view, Malaysian doesn't really quite aware of this. The first controversy caused by Facebook was about the privacy setting. I personally think that it isn't a problem at all. Just little small changes that was already exist for long time that people just only notice. But unfortunately, others really think this is a big problem. So, some of the start to quite Facebook.

But just 2 days ago, one more controversy involving Facebook Privacy issue raised. It's about selling identity. Earlier, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said that they are going to sell identity to company. May be for spamming. I don't know. But whatever it is for, I don't like it. You can't just sell people's identity to other company. For some reason, it is dangerous even though we are just nobody. I really hope that Facebook's CEO apologize to the world big time and cancel his plan.

Anyway, the medium of communication that I prefer is SMS, IM, cellphone, Facebook (sort of). Of course using cellphone consume money but my family use the 5+1 Celcom Family Pack. So, it's free to call my family! I love free things! IM s fine but not all the time because of the mobility and internet connection issue.

Social networking sites making my life better or worse? I wound say both better and worse. The worse part comes when I'm too busy with all these kind of thing. The better parts comes when these social networking sites makes me easier to learn something, widen my business wing, lot of possibilities unlocked and more interactive way of communicating with people all around the world.

List the number of online social networking sites that you join. Why? What activities you usually do on them? I was on Friendster but not now. I'm in Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, YouTube (since it integrate the social networking capabilities) and loads of forums. When in Facebook, I usually checks for friends updates (most of my friends call it stalks/stalker). In Twitter... erm... I don't know. I sign up for it because I was just curious. Hardly use it. Blogger to blog. I love to blog but sometimes, just don't have time for it. YouTube, I join it because I watched a lot of videos on it. YouTube also a site full of opportunities for people like me (video special effect and graphic designer).

On Facebook, I have almost 600 friends. But close friends, I think around 100 only. And on Twitter, 100, and close friends, 2. Haha. Many of them I've met before. Even not so close friends on Facebook and Twitter.

I Prefer to meet people for the first time face-to-face. Ya laa. I can observe their behavior, body language. More confident if met face-to-face. Especially when doing business. But I still have online business and met people online.

Yes. I do have Twitter. I don't really know much about my own Twitter account details. I don't really understand the concept of Twitter. Update your status using not mote than 150 characters? Whay is that? Can anybody tell me?

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