Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Internet and Me- A Match Made In Heaven

This is what a map of the internet looks like. It looks like the neuron pathways in the brain doesn't it? Think of the internet as the collective brain of civilization. 26.6% of the world population uses the internet, that's a staggering amount considering the fact that the internet used to reserved for university research project and basement computer hackers. Between the year 2000 and 2009 global internet penetration skyrocketed at whopping 400%. Remember the movie Die Hard 4 and the idea of a fire sale. Well the internet has become the backbone of major governments, systems, utilities and lives of people around the world. In the US there is a wi-fi hotspot at almost every corner of the country.( Can't say the same about Malaysia though)

The internet has become so vital to people that a lot people cannot function without  the internet. Or that everything they do is somehow related to the internet. Like this video

I'd have to admit that the internet is a very vital part of my life. Almost 75% of all the information I get is off the web. Its really reliable *winks*. I mean c'mon everybody uses google nowadays. Its the single most popular website on the internet. Google is like your window to the internet and the internet is your window to the world.

On average I'm online almost 6 hours a day. My computer is online almost 24/7. Thank God for unlimited data! Even if it is mind-blisteringly slow. The one thing I never do when I'm online is to 'go online'. I find instant messaging a nuisance. I'd much rather use facebook. That way I have the option of stalking tracking what my friends are doing while messaging friends. That way I don't even have to add them again on msn.

These are the my most frequented websites. They form a huge chunk of my daily lifestyle. For the most part these sites I head to first when I turn my computer on. But almost half of my internet usage is contributed by my iPhone. I check almost all my news, youtube videos and sometime emails on my phone. So technically you could say that I'm almost online all the time.

Most of time when I'm blogging or writing stuff online I use the pseudonym Dr.S. The reason I do this is so that I'm so exposed to the dangers of the internet compared to if I used my real name. It also kinda sums me up I guess. Plus it is my initials so that kinda fits as well I guess. I generally only meet people I've known for sometime online. But I'm meeting more and more new people through my blog and facebook so normally I do some basic searches on google to find out some background of these people. But i suppose i've grown a kinda trust towards people like bloggers and stuff so I don't really look at them as creeps unless they seriously smell fishy.

My parents haven't really set up any restrictions on my internet usage. In fact my parents enjoy reading some of stuff I put on my blog. My parents normally are cool with me going online as long as I maintain my grades and stuff like that.

Personally though, I feel the internet has allowed to connect more with my friends. Sharing stuff online, discussing youtube videos and stuff like that are some of the stuff me and my friends do and talk about in school. I know its not hard to believe that some people may go online too much to the extent of having no social life.

I remember my teacher telling us once about this student in my school who had a serious addiction to online games. To the extent that one day his parents were trying to get him out of the house to visit some relatives or something and he just wouldn't leave. So the next day his parents unplugged his computer and removed it from his room. The next day he locked himself in his room and electrocuted himself. TRUE STORY. I swear almost all my classmates went offline that day.

Anyway I've got to go now. So check out my next post. More on the rise of networking later.

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