Tuesday, May 25, 2010

of entertainment

I’m in SINGAPORE!! And the weather here is burning HOT.

My top 5 favourite tv shows are (in no order)

(I want to marry this guy)2. Leverage 3.Friends
4.Gossip Girl
5.Desperate Housewives

I watch them on TV lah. It’s only when I’m really desperate that I’ll search for them on the net. DVD’s and Astro is way more efficient. I mean if you watch shows on the net you have a crazy small screen and sometimes the sound ain’t loud enough so you have to wear earphones and then the lighting is a bitch so you have to keep on moving the computer screen up and down. And in the end,you hilang mood to watch anything.

I’m okay with music and fashion, but I don’t think it’s something I keep up to. In terms of clothing, I love anything that looks nice and is comfortable. I try to keep up with trends. But usually I end up blending back in to the *simple and nice* state. I get up-to-date with the latest trends by gorgeous girlfriends and magazines. (but more credit is given to my girls)

I like Switchoot , I like they’re songs. I have practically all they’re albums in my Ipod. But here’s the funny thing, I have NO idea what they look like. It never occurred for me to check them out-like seriously. But their music is pleasing to the ears. It’s something about the melody to their music that catches my attention. It’s kind of weird and gloomy but yet in a very interesting way.

There’s another local artist that I enjoy listening to. In fact, I just attended her concert in KL about a month ago. It was her 1st debut in Malaysia and it took quite a lot of convincing for my parents to finally allow me to go.*muka bangga*.Her music has this jazzy and acoustic feel to it. Wanna guess who she is?
(Okay la, you have no choice)

1.She’s from Miri

2.She’s 25
3.She was discovered from YouTube
4.Her most popular song yet in Malaysia is entitled “Kantoi*

ZOMG you still don’t know who she is?

Zee Avi!!
*cues in confetti*

(Tolonglah google cepat cepat jika tak tau)

I found out about her and Swithfoot by the same friend actually. A really good friend who is up-to-date with EVERY genre of music that’s around. (No shit, he even listen to African jazz, never knew it existed)

Yes, I do read books. I read as much as possible. So at least when I’m stuck with some really boring person, I have something to talk about with them. (And that happens quite a lot)

The last 3 books I read was:

Have a Little Faith (1st read)
By: Mitch Albom, some of the rare genius authors out there that can really reach out to touch the heart of his readers. I’m actually still in the midst of reading this. Think I’ll be finishing it in about 2 weeks or so. Depends on how much free time I’ve got in Singapore (and with the fact that the Singapore Sale has just started, I doubt I’ll be done anytime soon).

This book is somehow alike his 2nd book, Tuesday with Morie, just that it’s with different characters and is learning different things la. So if you enjoyed Tuesdays with Morie, I bet you’ll enjoy this too.

Those Faraday Girls (the 2nd read)
By : Monica Mclnerney. This book was actually semi stolen by me. How do you semi steal a book you ask? Well, you go up to your dad’s hotel’s reading shelf. Then you ‘borrow’ a book and never return it again. It’s not exactly counted as stealing since it belongs to your dad and everything that belongs to him is kinda, sort of yours right??

This book is a story about a big family of 5 girls and their dad and what keeps their bond lasting. It’s exactly the kind of book you want lying around in your handbag when you’re in a waiting line or during a bus ride.

Ps: I Love you (36473648765845867556th read)
By: Cecelia Ahern. OMG. THIS book has to win an award for being able to mind fuck all its readers. I mean the emotional roller coaster is puts you on is sick (in a good way).

I remember reading this book in a bar during happy hour, and right in the middle of everyone, I burst out crying. Mom thinking I was acting weird snatched the book from me and started to it read to, and as soon as you knew it, you had two grown women crying like babies in the middle of the bar. People there must have thought we were like lonely despo ppl that just got dumped by their lovers :S

Where do I find information on entertainment that I like?

Friends mostly. I mean I stay in Ipoh la. The only entertainment there is for us is Yam Cha sessions. Which is rather sad, but yeah, we’re surviving .

All I have for now
Logging of from Singapore :)
thanks for reading

With Love,

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