Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 5: The Internet's Ma (My) Crib ;)

Woohoo! I'm back again YouthSays and now I'm on my 5th topic. I gotta say, that was pretty fast. Alrightay lets get down to business shall we, the 5th topic I've been given is "Going Online", another topic that all teens can relate to – Well, at least I hope so. :D In the era of rapid advancement of technology in the world today, a teen really has to be in touch with the online world. At least, that's what I think personally la. Okayy, the first question Mr. Ronn posed to be was how many hours do you go online everyday? That ladies and gentlemen would be question I'd be embarrassed to answer, the figure of numbers I go online each day is almost obscene! Noo, not Lady GaGa dressing obscene, but… you get the idea la! :) Honestly, in an average day I surf the net for about 4 hours? :D Not including the time I surf the net on my trusty iPhone (which I do quite a lot). So, if you wanna be mathematically correct about it, in a week I surf about 4x7=28 hours! :O [I make my Math teachers proud ;)] A shocking figure no? Yeahhh, I do realize I should cut down on my online time. But a teen's gotta do what a teen's gotta do :D You're probably wondering, what does this online freak do stoning in front of his PC everyday? Well, the stuff any teen does of course, regular Facebook-ing, Twitter-ing, chatting with my pals on MSN Messenger and the occasional video call through Skype.
Hmm, if you ask me what I think about fake online profiles, nicknames and aliases online just to protect your identity, I'd say its pretty dumb. To mask your true identity from the online world is a complete no-no. Infact, when I see accounts with weird nicknames and no proper display picture, I actually reject their friend requests! (I know I'm evil. But if you're not gonna tell me who you really are, then why should you get to know me? ) Personally, I'd rather put my real name and proper details (like an actual picture of yourself, instead of pictures on cartoons!). Why you ask? Well ,by having proper details, people on the world of Facebook for example would actually know who you are before requesting to be your friend and you won't get random online sexual predators hawking over you.

And as for meeting other people or strangers online, I'd say I haven't really ventured out into the online world to the extent that I meet people from all over the world and make friends with them. However, I have met other locals online before through Facebook and Twttier [same age group of course :) ] To me, it would be pretty awkward to communicate with individuals you barely know online cos these people you actually meet could actually be not what they appear to be. They could state there they're 16 for example, but in actual fact these online freaks are fully grown adults waiting for the chance to pounce on gullible teens browsing the web for new friends!

My parents? :D Well, my parents are pretty cool about the fact that I'm hooked onto Facebook and Twitter. The only condition is I don't slack on my grades la (typical Malaysian condition :P) And noo, they don't really monitor that stringently what I do online! :) I'm a debater so I should know what human rights us teens are entitled to! Them checking up on what we're doing would be an infringement of human rights! :D Hehe, just jokin' ;) I'd say the most hey've done to check on what I've been up to is to add me up as a friends on Facebook. That way, they'll always be in touch on what I'm doing on the net. I mean it's the least they could do. :)
Moving on to the last question, which is a question I think is pretty redundant, I quote, " Do you think the online world has made you to become more disconnected with your friends?" OF COURSE NOT! Frankly, the online world has really strengthened the bond between my friends and I because aside from school we can actually interact with each other over the net. That's why the Internet is just so ingenious it's the perfect medium for teens to stay in contact with each other even after school hours!! :) To wrap up my post, I'd just like to say one thing….

Chiau, for now people! :D

Come on drop by and give me a holler ;)

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