Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 9 : Brands

Is branded products important to you?
As long as it is affordable, then yes, it is important to me as I think branded products are better in quality compared to non-branded.

Are there any brands or products that you would be embarassed of using or being associated with?
I think of none. Some things that I bought at Pasar Malam were good too. =)

Where do you find new informations about products that you like?
Mostly, through online and on the websites. Others, like on the newspapers, and also, subscriptions to the products.

Does religion influence your choice of brands?
Yes, as a Muslim, I can't just buy anything without checking it to be halal and not boycotted, first. Like what our friend, Naim Azizi, said in her post, some things can't be used or eaten by us, Muslims, as they are haram, like shoes made of pig's skin, foods containing pig's gelatin or alcohol, and also like, chickens that are not being sembelih (slaughtered) in proper way. Other reason is, some of the brands or products are boycotted. But, that's not a problem to us as there are still a lot of other choices other than the ones that we can't use or buy. =)

My favourite brands :

For wrist watch, I love Casio, be it G-Shock, Baby-G or even Sheen. Have been using this brand since the first time Ayah got me one. Tahan lama, is the reason, I guess?

Sony has always been a part of my family. TV, radio, camera, game consoles, handphones, you name them all.

Johnson's would always be one of my favourite brands. I use all of the products that they got - baby powder, shampoo, lotion, facial wash, and etc.

iPANEMA - for slippers. It really is tahan lama. Once, Abang got this one slipper and later gave it to me after he got a new one. After several months using it, I then, gave it to Ayah and he's been using it until now, I think (I don't know if the slipper is still at home). And yes, they are 'selesa' too! That's why Ayah liked it too much that he said, iPANEMA's slippers are good for old people's feet, like his? LOL.

P.S. : To Mak & Ayah, if you are reading this, I am talking about the black, hampir-lunyai slipper that Abang brought few years back, and he gave it to me (or should I say, left it?), just before he flied to Egypt. And that means, in year 2007? =)

Habhal's Kicap Cap Kipas Udang. I'm not kidding, man. This one is really, really 'sedap' and has been in my family since like, forever?

Scarlet, I don't know if there's any girl/lady/woman has never heard of it. H&M for dresses, mostly. Applemints for my jeans and dresses too. Also, Nike and Adidas for my shoes, sometimes shirts. BATA for my other slipper. And, so on. Too many of my favourite brands to mention, yeah?

These two videos are one of my favourite commercials :

By Samsung DCC - Do Not Trust Profile Pictures. Very funny!

Enjoy, Petronas - Happy Deepavali. This one still makes me laugh. One of my favourites from Petronas. As for me, Petronas has never failed to make good TV commercials for our festive celebrations like Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and also, Merdeka Day.

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